October Anime Challenge: Anime Horror Movies

Our October anime challenge will evoke the Halloween spirit this month as we watch an anime horror movie each week. The movies we will showcase are mindblowing, each in their own unique way, some old classics, some newer and just as scary. So ready the popcorn, clear the throats to scream more beautifully and enjoy some of the best horror anime has to offer. If you don’t scream once during this challenge, either from delight or fear, suffer a horror otaku nosebleed or eat your hat then it will be a Halloween miracle.

Week 1 October 04 to 10, 2021

Movie: Dante’s Inferno

Our first Movie Challenge is Dante’s Inferno. Get ready for an animated epic, a dark fantasy movie that is an adventure from start to finish. Released in 2010 and based on the Dante’s Inferno video game we will watch as Dante travel through the circles of Hell, called Limbo, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Anger, Heresy, Violence, Fraud and Treachery! battle demons, creatures, monsters and that eternal fiend of all, Lucifer to save Beatrice, the love of his life.

Film Roman (Dead Space: Downfall) animated the movie, while the anime studio Production I.G. Helped to animate Hell. 6 animation studios were involved as the movie is separated into 6 parts showing us 6 horrific visions of Hell. Each chapter is animated in a different style, but flowing into a fluid story. Graham McTavish and Vanessa Branch were the voices of Dante and Beatrice in the video game and also provided the voices of Dante and Beatrice in the movie, which was released at the same time as the video game. This movie was a very ambitious project and a must-see for all dark fantasy and horror lovers.

Enjoy Dante’s Inferno this week and enjoy us next week for our next movie challenge. Have a super sugoi week.

Week 2 October 11 to 17, 2021

This week our epic movie challenge takes us into the future. In a far-future time ruled by the supernatural, a young girl, Doris, the daughter of a deceased Werewolf hunter, requests the help of a vampire hunter only as “D”, a vampire hunter with a dark past, to kill the vampire, Count Magnus Lee who has bitten her and thus to prevent her from becoming a vampire herself, and save Doris from a life of eternal damnation.nAd that is just part of our challenge movie:

Vampire Hunter D

This classic 1985 movie from the ancient days of anime also has three other storylines weaved into the movie worth mentioning. Firstly the underlying romance that develops between Doris and D, secondly Count Magnus’s daughter’s struggle to be recognized as a noble and thirdly a corrupt vampire hunter’s wish to become part of a noble vampire’s house. Gripping storylines worth exploring!

One of the first anime films released outside of Japan, Vampire Hunter D remains a cult classic among English-speaking audiences. Stated by the Japanese producers as a “dark future science-fiction romance” Vampire Hunter D is set in the year 12,090 A.D., in a post-nuclear holocaust world where vampires, mutants and demons “slither through a world of darkness” (in the words of the film’s opening introduction).

It was ground-breaking in that it effectively brought together elements of Gothic horror and dystopian post-apocalyptic science fiction in a Western framework.

Disclaimer: Viewers must bear in mind that there are nudity and mild sexual suggestion as well as scenes of extreme violence in the movie, thus not suitable for children. This movie is a must-see and a classic!

Enjoy Vampire Hunter D this week and join us next week for our next movie challenge. Have a super sugoi week.

Week 3 October 18 to 24, 2021

Movie : Ninja Scroll

Our third challenge movie is the 1993 classic, Ninja Scroll, also known as “Jûbê ninpûchô”. A fallen ninja, Jubei is a wandering noble/sword for hire, but when a chance meeting leads him to save a young ninja woman from rape, he makes enemies with a group of demonic humans. Jubei and the woman part ways, but later a government spy forces Jubei to join up with her again and investigate the mysterious death of an entire village. The investigation reveals a conspiracy involving the demons and an old nemesis, thought to be dead, hell-bent on overthrowing the feudal Japanese government. As they get closer to the truth the demons close in on them and pretty soon Jubei finds himself in a deadly fight with many super strong inhuman opponents. Can’t piece the clues together?

It is written and directed by Yoshiaki Kawajiri. The film is in homage to the Ninpocho series of ninja novels by Futaro Yamada and the main character, Kibagami Jubei, is an homage to the famed Japanese folk hero Yagyu Jubei Mitsuyoshi.

Disclaimer: Viewers must bear in mind that Ninja Scroll contains severe, extreme fantasy violence, with fighting, gushing and raining blood, slicing-and-dicing, pummelling, and death. As well as scenes of sexual and violent sexual nature certainly making it unsuitable to watch for the squeamish and but parents should exercise strong caution in showing this to kids under 17.

Enjoy Ninja Scroll this week and join us next week for our next movie challenge. Have a super sugoi week.

Week 4 October 25 to 31, 2021

Movie: Lady Death: The Movie

This is the only movie in this month’s challenge that is not an anime. It is a 2004 animated movie based on the comic character Lady Death. This movie was the first animation project produced by now-defunct anime distributor A.D. Vision.

The movie begins in 15th century Sweden. Hope, the beautiful and innocent daughter of Matthias (a skilled mercenary who is in actuality Lucifer himself), is accused of being the Devil’s consort. Hope is sentenced by the town priest to be burned at the stake. Matthias, through a proxy, offers her life if she surrenders herself to him and joins him in Hell. At first, she agrees to his terms, but Matthias’s plan to corrupt her is soon met with unanticipated resistance, as Hope rejects his scheme and eventually finds herself transformed into the powerful warrior Lady Death, who challenges Lucifer for control of Hell itself.

Enjoy Lady Death: The Movie this week and join us next week for a new challenge. Have a super sugoi week.