November Anime Challenge – The Devil Is a Part-Timer!

November Anime Challenge - The Devil Is a Part-Timer!

Last month our challenge was Kyoukai no Kanata and we hope you enjoyed the supernatural series with us. This month it is time for action, comedy and fantasy! Our challenge this month is The Devil Is a Part-Timer! (Thank you Ivan from our WhatsApp group for the sugoi suggestion!) The anime is based on the light novel series written by Satoshi Wagahara, and illustrated by Oniku (written as 029). There has been 19 volumes published of the series since 2011. The 13-episode anime series ran from April to June 2013 and was produced by White Fox. Two manga adaptations has also been published.

The anime tells the story of the Satan, Demon Lord, set to conquer the world of Ente Isla with the help of his demon generals Alciel, Lucifer, Malacoda, and Adramelech. But then the hero Emilia and her companions kills Malacoda and Ardramelech and Satan and Alciel escapes the world through a gate to modern day Tokyo, Japan! Because of the lack of magic in this modern world they change their shapes into something more human and Satan takes a part time job in a fast food restaurant named MgRonald. Satan, now known as Sadao Mao one day meets a girl who is actually Emilia in the form of Emi Yusa. A whole new adventure awaits the ex-dark-lord-turned-part-timer and his friends. Join us for this exciting challenge this month as we explore just how good Satan is at a fast food worker!

Week 1 - 05 - 11 November

Episodes to Watch: 1 to 3

It is week 1 of the The Devil Is a Part-Timer! Challenge. Before we jump in and watch the anime, let us explore the world Satan is from before he became Sadao Mao and came to the modern Japan world. The world of Ente Isla lies on the Ocean of Ignoria and consists of one large central island, with four smaller islands to the north, est, south and west, and more interesting, the islands are laid out in the shape of a cross!

The Demon Lord Satan once tried to conquer Ente Isla, he was feared by the humans that inhabit these islands. Another interesting fact about this world is that it has two moons, one red and one blue. They are revered as gods but in truth, the red moon is actually the demon world and the blue moon is heaven!

There are various languages spoken in Ente Isla, but Centrumian, the Central trading language, is understood in every part of the island. It is used as a common language for contract negotiations as well as standardizing units. Centrumian is also favoured by government officials, traders and high-order clergy as their language of choice. That is, in the novels. In the anime, the language in Ente Isla is called Entean. There is a secret to Entean, it is the consonants in the English language switched around. Vowels and the consonants ‘L’, ‘N’, ‘Q’ keep their original position.

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ is changed to AZYXEWVTISRLPNOMQKJHUGFDCB. As an example, the word ‘human’ now becomes ‘tupan’ and the word ‘world’ become ‘foklx’. Entean is exclusively to the anime. Now that we have cracked the ‘code’ for Entean we can learn this artificial language too if we want lol.

We hope you enjoy this challenge, our episodes for this week is episodes 1 – 3. Have a super sugoi week!

Week 2 - 12 - 18 November

Episodes to Watch: 4 to 6

Konnichiwa minna! It is week 2 of the The Devil Is a Part-Timer! Challenge. Last week’s challenge was episode 1 – 3. Let’s have a look at Episode 1. We saw how Satan and his minions attacked and conquered the world of Ente Isla. Then a hero named Emilia came forth crushing Lucifer’s army to the west, defeating Adramelech in the north and Malacoda in the south. The hero went then to the central continent, to the very lair of Satan to attack and defeat the dark lord there. Satan, realizing that his days are numbered, summons a portal and flees through it, arriving in modern day Japan, in Sasazuka, with his trusty companion Alciel.

To Satan’s shock he discovers that he and Alciel are now transformed into humans, that his magic is now very limited. He uses what little magic he has to hypnotize policemen to find out about the new world they find themselves in. He then uses his power to get himself and Alciel identification (his name is now Sadao Mao), a bank account and a one room apartment. While Satan… er… Sadao Mao works at MgRonald, Alciel (now Shiro Asiya) is tasked with doing researching a way for them to get back to Ente Isla.

The anime is fun to watch and Satan’s transformation into a human and the change of pace in his lifestyle is quite amusing. Episode 1 ends with a huge cliffhanger but we will not spoil it for those a little behind on the challenge. This week we watch episodes 4 to 6. Enjoy the challenge and have a super sugoi week! Ja mata!

Week 3 - 19 - 25 November

Episodes to Watch: 7 to 9

It is week 3 of the very addictive The Devil Is a Part-Timer! Challenge. It may just be for some, that anime you just want to watch in one go. This week we will watch episode 7 to 9 but before that let’s look at last week’s episode 4. Episodes 2 and 3 set up quite a few elements for the happenings in episode 4. In Episode 2 we learned how Emilia (now Emi Yusa in this world) happened to cross over from Ente Isla. Also in the episode, Satan and Emilia were attacked with magical bullets, making Satan wonder just who else also crossed over from their home world!

In Episode 3 Emilia received threatening phone calls at work from the shooter and she realized that the person must be a demon from Ente Isla. Satan and Chi, his co-worker at MgRonald went on a date, and they were stalked by Emilia and Alciel. Also, during the episode another earthquake happened and after Satan transformed into a half goat, half-human creature and saved everyone. He was not sure how the transformation happened.

In episode 4 we saw a flashback from Emilia’s past. She was a farmer’s daughter who were given over to the Church so that she can use her abilities and learn how to defeat Satan and his minions. We also found out that Chi is the police inspector’s daughter and Satan revealed to Emilia that the quakes are not natural, it was definitely an attack because he, Emilia and Alciel were at the same place at the same time!

There were quite a few developments in episode 4 but we will not spoil it for those who are behind in the challenge. Enjoy the week and enjoy the challenge, minna. Matta ne!

Week 4 - 26 November - 02 December

Episodes to Watch: 10 to 13

It is the final week of The Devil Is a Part-Timer! Challenge. This week we will watch the final four episodes, episodes 10 to 13 of the anime. In episode 6 we find that Lucifer now live with Satan and Alciel. He is tasked with magical research as well, but using his computer skills on the internet. During one of his searches he find an article on ‘7 mysteries’ at a local school. Lucifer and Alciel decides to investigate as the happenings may be linked to a Gate to Ente Isla. The episode has the feel of a Paranormal Investigation anime like Ghost Hunt, but there is a twist and the episode turns out way different than we expected. We also meet their new neighbour.

In Episode 7, their new neighbour makes friends with our demonic trio. She helps Lucifer with the washing, makes food for them since Alciel is suffering from heat fatigue and even makes a bento for Satan to take to work! But why is this beautiful kimono-dress girl so helpful and so invested in Satan’s group. Is she a wolf in sheep’s clothing or the real deal. Best way for us to know is to find out, so we urge you to watch this challenge on with us. A lot of events happened in the anime, and we chose not to share them with you so you have some nice surprises waiting for you!

Final Thoughts:

The Devil Is a Part-Timer! is a nice supernatural anime, with great humour and harem anime elements. It is action-packed but it keeps a steady pace to let all the the anime encompasses shine. It’s plot and story lines is well written and keeps you wanting more, especially with cliffhangers that makes you crave the next episode (and cheat the challenge by watching ahead of schedule). The anime’s animation is very liquid and good to look at and the voice actors give heart to the anime. If you liked anime like Ghost Hunt, or X, you may just love this anime to bits!