July Anime Challenge: Snow White with the Red Hair (Akagami no Shirayukihime)

Our July anime challenge is Snow White with the Red Hair (Japanese title Akagami no Shirayuki-hime). Akagami no Shirayuki-hime is a heartwarming show about a red-haired herbalist called Shirayuki (which translates to ‘White Snow’ or ‘Snow White’). The prince in the kingdom where she lived becomes so obsessed with her and her red hair (which is very rare in that world, it seems) that she is forced to flee her country. While fleeing, she makes a friend with a man who helps her who happens to be a prince. He aids her and she decides to become a royal herbalist at his court.

The anime was produced by Warner Bros., Hakusensha, Showgate, The Klockworx Co. Ltd., Hakuhodo DY Media Partners, Docomo Anime Store, BS Fuji and Bones, which handled the animation. The anime was directed by Masahiro Ando and the script was written by Deko Akao. The opening theme song is “Yasashii Kibou” (“Gentle Hope”) by Saori Hayami and the ending theme song is “Kizuna ni Nosete” by Eyelis. The first 12-episode-season ran from July to September 2015 and was followed by a second season in 2016.

Week 1 July 6 – 12 2020

Episodes 1 – 4

Konnichiwa Minna, welcome to week 1 of our Snow White with the Red Hair anime challenge. The anime is based on the manga created by Akizuki Sorata. She is also know for creating manga like Natsuyasumi 00 Nichime, Hokorobi no Lamp, Vahlia no Hanamuko, and Seishun Kouryakuhon. She is both the author and artist of her projects. Akizuki made her debut in the January, 2003 issue of LaLaDX with a one-shot titled Utopia. Little is know about her except that she likes Hayao Miyazaki films and high school baseball.

One can but wonder, since she loves Hayao Miyazaki if any of his work inspired her. Movies like Howl’s Moving Castle perhaps or Kiki’s Delivery Service. No the less, her work is just as thought provoking and inspiring. None of her other manga was adapted into anime, but we hope we can enjoy her other work on screen one day.

Howl's Moving Castle

Kiki's Delivery Service

We hope you enjoy this week;s challenge and have a super sugoi week!

Week 2 July 13 – 19

Episodes 5 – 8

Konnichiwa Minna, It is week 2 of our Snow White with the Red Hair anime challenge! If you started the challenge you will already know that our main character is the beautiful redheaded Shirayuki. Red hair is rare so our heroine had to hide her hair to not attract attention. She flees the Tanbarun kingdom, after its prince wants to force her to be his concubine. While on the run she meets Prince Zen from Clarines and befriends him. Soon after she is accepted as a royal pharmacist and her adventures truly begins. Shirayuki’s Japanese voice actress is Saori Hayami.

Saori Hayami was born on May 29, 1991 and known as a voice actress, singer and narrator. Her major voice roles include Shirayuki in Snow White with the Red Hair, Miyuki Shiba in The Irregular at Magic High School, Himawari Uzumaki in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Shoko Nishimiya in A Silent Voice, Shinobu Kochou in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba and Azazel Ameri in Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun. She also performs the theme song for  some of the anime she is working on. Here is Saori Hayami’s performance of “Yasashii Kibou”, Snow White with the Red Hair’s theme song.

We hope you enjoy this week’s challenge and have a super sugoi week!

Week 3 July 20 – 26

Episodes 9 – 10

Konnichiwa Minna, It is week 3 of our Snow White with the Red Hair anime challenge! If you enjoyed this romance anime so far and are in the mood for more, we have just the suggestion for you. We recommend you try Glasslip, a romantic slice of life drama with a slight supernatural twist (the two main characters have the ability to see into the future). This anime from studio P.A. Works is filled with intrigues and confessions of love (and even the struggle to confess) so if a romance, as well as, clairvoyant glass artisan is your thing this might be the anime for you.

There is a concept in this anime of two people with slight psychic abilities that become stronger when they are together.We have Fukami, with a sort of Gyalimancy (glass divination) ability because whenever she blows glass she sees fragments of the future. On the other hand we have the mysterious Okikura who also have the gift of Sight and when these two get together they are not just fragments of the future, their abilities that were mere sparks grows into a fire of visions.

There is a very romantic scene in episode 5 of Glasslip where Fukami and Okikura lie in a clearing in the woods. There is a beautiful classical piano piece playing and the wood looks serene and breathtaking. The scene looked almost real. Almost nothing is said but there is energy in the air in that scene. And that is just a teaser. We dare you romantics to try out this whimsical anime.

We hope you enjoy this week’s challenge and have a super sugoi week!

Week 4 July 27 – August 02

Episodes 11 – 12

Konnichiwa Minna, It is the final week of our Snow White with the Red Hair anime challenge! Snow White with the Red Hair is produced by Studio Bones. Another great anime also produced by Studio Bones is Wolf’s Rain.

Four lone wolves exist in a dystopian future and inhabit the government-controlled Freeze City. Kiba, an Arctic Wolf, is joined by Tsume, a Grey Wolf, Hige a Mexican Wolf and Toboe a juvenile Red Wolf. Each of their lives change forever once they pick up the unmistakable scent of the Flower Maiden, an individual foretold to hold the secret to reaching the mythological homeland, known as Paradise. This legend is something that is passed down from generation to generation of wolf, and once they pick up the Flower Maiden’s scent, their instinctual desires take over. These four wolves are not your usual breed you may encounter in the modern world. The wolves of Wolf’s Rain have been killed to near extinction, and as a result, the lone survivors have learned to adapt to survive among humans by evolving a certain ability.

This evolutionary talent is the ability to cast illusion over themselves to appear human, and camouflage themselves within society. Armed with this unique ability, as well as the legend of Paradise, our four wolves set out on an epic journey to rival any other. As each wolf character scours the city in search of the Flower Maiden, they decide to join up with one another and form a wolfpack of sorts, bound by the single goal of reaching paradise. After a failed attempt to find the Flower Maiden, they make the choice to leave the confines of the city in order to find her, as well as exorcise each of their own personal demons along the way.

Wolf’s Rain (Urufuzu Rein) was originally a manga created by Keiko Nobumoto. The anime is 26 episodes long, but the whole story is concluded in a four episode OVA (Original Video Animation which is a term used when an anime creates extra episodes to be distributed direct-to-video, opposed to being aired on television). The intro ‘Stray’ is sung by Steve Conte (lead singer for the band The Contes) and the outro ‘Gravity’ is handled by Maaya Sakamoto, who too performs in anime such as Cowboy Bebop and Kanon.

Stray by Steve Conte

Gravity by Maaya Sakamoto

We hope you enjoy this week’s challenge, and if you feel the need, will watch season 2 of Snow White with the Red Hair as well! Have a great week!