January Challenge: Highschool of the Dead Week 2

Anime Challenge – January 2018

Highschool of the Dead - January Anime Challenge

Genre: Action, Horror, Supernatural, Ecchi
Aired: Jul 5, 2010 to Sep 20, 2010

Konnichiwa Minna. It is time for our anime Challenge. This month we have a special treat for Supernatural Action Horror fanatiks. If you liked Television shows such as The Walking Dead, games such as Resident Evil or movies such as Night of The Living Dead, then get ready to bite into this month’s anime challenge: Highschool of the Dead (shortened to HOTD by adoring fanatiks).

We thank all our readers for their input about the challenge! A special bow to Willem from our WhatsApp group for suggesting Highschool of the Dead! If you have suggestions or comments about your impressions of the series, please feel free to share them on our FB Page! Have a super sugoi week and a profound 2018!

Week 1 - 01 to 07 January

Dead Men Walking

Episodes to Watch: 1 to 3

Konnichiwa Minna. It is time for our anime Challenge. This month we have a special treat for Supernatural Action Horror fanatiks. If you liked Television shows such as The Walking Dead, games such as Resident Evil or movies such as Night of The Living Dead, then get ready to bite into this month’s anime challenge: Highschool of the Dead (shortened to HOTD by adoring fanatiks).

In the anime, we enter a world where an outbreak just started. Imagine going to school, and everything is normal until you see a strange figure crawling to the school gate and taking a … bloody gruesome nibble out of a school staff member. Imagine a chaos breaking out as infected people turn into living corpses whose would just love to have you for breakfast, supper and lunch. Imagine the trauma as your friends, family, and random nice people become snacks for the dead and in turn become hungry undead creatures. Now add anime elements such as fan service, a trigger-happy gun nerd, a very clueless nurse, a sword-yielding beauty and an assortment of other types of anime heroes and anti-heroes and you have a recipe for entertainment that will glue you to your seat.

Join us in the challenge and follow the story to see who will survive the undead apocalypse.

Week 2 - 08 to 14 January

Feeding the Dead

Episodes to Watch: 4 to 6

Last week’s challenge was episode 1 – 3. In Episode 1 ‘Spring of the Dead’ it all started when an undead bashed at the gate, and a some of the school staff went to investigate. The undead person then bites a teacher, who gets infected, that teacher turns on another teacher, and that teacher turns on another teacher and soon hell breaks loose on the school as more staff and scholars get bitten and infected. Takashi and Rei found a save place on the school’s roof but then Takashi was forced to kill his best friend because he was bitten and infected, much to Rei’s shock as she did not understand just how grave the situation is.

In Episode 2 ‘Escape from the Dead’ Rei tries to phone her father, and he warns her to get out of the city. Then there is the sound of a gunshot and communication with her father is lost. We also meet some of the other protagonists of the anime when they all run into each other while fending off the dead.

In Episode 3 ‘Democracy under the Dead’ our heroes find a way to escape the school and manage to save a few more scholars and a very creepy teacher (Rei warns that saving him is a mistake). During the escape, a fight breaks out in the bus as one of the scholars tries to bully Takashi. The creepy teacher, Shido-sensei, forces everyone to choose him as leader of the survivors and Rei gets off the school bus, refusing his leadership. Takashi follows her and as he tries to persuade her to get back on the bus until they get to the city at least, a bus filled with undead crashes between them and the other survivors… Takashi yells a rendezvous point to the other survivors and for now, he and Rei are split up from them. This is just a brief synopsis of everything that happened. Some key elements we left out here for you to explore so if you have not joined the challenge, why not join us now!!!

Will Takashi and Rei meet up with their friends? Will they find a way to get away from the sinister Shido-sensei’s influence? Who will become food for the dead next…? We just have to watch and see.

Week 3 - 15 to 21 January

The Good, The Dead and the Hoodlum

Episodes to Watch: 7 to 9

Last week’s challenge was episode 4 – 6. Let’s take a look at some of the events that took place. In Episode 4 ‘Running in the Dead’ it started off with a recap of what happened in the first three episodes. We then follow Takashi and Rei as they make towards the police station, the Rendezvous point where they and their friends would meet up. As they travel they talk about the fact that the army might be no help anymore. The two find the bus their friends were using, and it is abandoned. They hope their friends are still alive and that they will meet up with Takashi and Rei.

Close by, they find a police vehicle that was hit by a truck – the officers very dead in their seats. Searching the officers they find a gun and some extra bullets. They find a service station and look for a way to fill the fuel tank of the motorbike, Rei waits outside by the fuel pumps as Takashi raids the inside of the station. She gets attacked by a hoodlum and Takashi rushes outside to save her.

Takashi tries to distract the hoodlum and Rei almost breaks away. The hoodlum forces Takashi to fill the motorbike’s fuel tank up. In the process, Takashi throws down a pipe he was using as a weapon and the undead all around the place hear it and start to walk into the direction of the noise. After Takashi fills the tank he takes another shot at saving Rei. He verbally distracts the hoodlum and finds a way to get close to the man and Rei. He gets the upper hand, shoots the man in his shoulder (without hitting a fuel pump!) and saves Rei. Takashi and Rei flee the service station as the dead staggers in towards the hoodlum

Will our heroes survive the undead apocalypse? Who will succumb next to a bite of the undead? To find the answers let’s watch on!

Week 4 - 22 to 31 January

Night of the Lurking Dead

Episodes to Watch: 10 to 12

In episode 7 ‘Dead night and the dead ruck’, a little dog’s barking draws the undead near to the area where our heroes are hiding out. Takashi stands on the balcony assessing their situation when he spots a father and his little girl trying to find a safe haven from the undead. The father knocks on the door at a house but the paranoid home-owner murders the father and leaves the girl (named Alice) outside, as the girl cries loudly at her father’s dead body; it draws a herd of undead towards her. Takashi decides to go and save the Alice, and gun-geek Hirano decides to back him up from the balcony.  Like a bat out of hell Takashi flies off on the motor-bike to save the girl and crash-lands near her,  He quickly takes down a lot of undead that surrounds Alice, who is guarded by the little dog. At the same time, his friends concoct up a brilliant plan to get Takashi and the girl and back them up. Takashi helps the girl to accept her father’s death in a touching scene.  As they are surrounded by the undead, Takashi puts Alice on his back, tucks the dog, which we later learn is called Zeke, in his shirt and climbs the wall. They try to walk the wall to safety. The undead tries to grab them from the wall and just then, in the nick of time, his friends show up in an army jeep and Takashi and his special passengers jump to safety.

This is just a taste of some of the events that happened in episode 7, there are a lot of funny moments that is up to you to go and look at. Episode 8 and 9 were just as epic, such as the state of the USA in the undead apocalypse and a disturbing apocalyptic parody of the Mother Goose classic ‘Row, row, row the boat’.

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