Inked Anime: A sugoi addition to your tattoo collection

Inked Anime: A sugoi addition to your tattoo collection

The relationship between some anime and ink may have roots in manga but ink has another relationship with anime: The art of tattooing. Many tattoo fanatiks have Pokemon or Dragon Ball characters craftily tattooed on their bodies and it is about time we speak to one of the amazing artist that inked these lovely art creations. Ookami had a chance to interview one. the very talented Marina Simela, a tattoo artist and anime fanatik situated in Pretoria. She had inked some of AnimeFanatika’s readers and they highly recommended her.

When did you start your career as a tattoo artist?
I started my career as a tattoo artist over a year ago. I was first doing international studies and then fine art at university but i was never happy.

Why and what changed that into happiness?
I loved anime, manga and drawing. But what I was studying never gave me the opportunity to tap into that creativity. I remember drawing little sketches on all of my text books because of how badly Ii wanted to draw.It all changed when I got the opportunity to become an apprentice tattoo artist.

What was your first tattoo for someone else?
The first ever tattoo i did was a tooth on a friends ankle. The senior tattoo artist was really surprised at how well the tattoo came out.

That is awesome! What is your favorite tattoo on your body if you have any? How many tattoos do you have. personally if I may ask?
My favourite tattoo is probably my 2nd generation My Little Pony called Moon Dancer tattoo on my thigh. Oh geez. I have about 27 tattoos.

Did you do the My Little Pony one yourself or did you have someone ink it for you?
That one was done for me, tattooing yourself is pretty common but having to sit still and concentrate on tattooing whilst in pain is pretty hard.

I can imagine! Tell me, besides anime and manga, what influences do you draw from?
Other influences I draw from are cartoons, horror movies and popular culture.

Nice!!! Can you describe the tattoos that you do and the kind of tattoos that you like and enjoy?
I do kawaii, anime and video game tattoos. I enjoy neotraditional and anime tattoos because of the opportunity to use vivid and bright colours.

Sugoi!!! Speaking of which, tell us of anime characters or logos you tattooed on customers so far. Which one was your favourite?
So far the tattoos I’ve done that I’ve most enjoyed were Rick and Morty as Pennywise from the movie IT. I’ve tattooed Bulbasaur, Charmander and Wartortle. I’ve tattooed the No Face and Haku (the dragon) from Spirited Away and Vault Boy, dog meat and the nuka cola bottle cap from Fallout.

Which anime and manga do you enjoy?
For anime I’m really enjoying Mob Psycho 100 season two. But I quite enjoyed Detroit Metal City and Netflix’s remake of Devil man crybaby.

As for manga I’m reading Chainsaw Man (a must read) and Solo Leveling, a Korean manhwa that I pretty much binge read!

When you are not tattooing people what else do you do?
When I’m not tattooing people or binge reading manga. I spend time with friends and I draw and paint. Soon I’ll start making anime figurines

 Do you have advice for someone what wants to get a tattoo but is afraid to take that first step?
My advice is to first try getting a small tattoo. Because what most people are scared of is the pain of a tattoo. Its actually not that painful. After most people get their first tattoo and they get over the fear, they come back for more!

Where can our readers contact you if they want to be inked?
People can book appointments with me on WhattsApp 0825920066, email me on or people can reach me and follow me on Instagram: _cinnamon_rose