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Events & Calendar

Upcoming Meetups 2020

Konnichiwa Anime Fanatiks.

Last month due to the lockdown we held our first Discord Anime Day and it was a roaring success. It did not feel like social distancing as we all felt the same connection as if we were teleported to our usual Anime Day. We even played GuildWars2 together after the anime day!

Since we are still under lockdown, and most venues are closed because the ban of alcohol, we have to brave it out and luckily we have discord to help us have our anime day. Join us on the 20th of February 2021 and we will look at the best anime of 2020. Grab your headphones and join us for a super sugoi online event.

If you don’t have our Discord yet, you can join up by selecting the link below.

Some facts you need to know:

WHEN: 20 February 2021
TIME: 12:00 to 18:00
WHERE: Discord
Link: (Remember to accept the rules to gain access to the full channel)

Grab a friend and join us for a super sugoi online event.

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