Anime Awards 2017

AnimeFanatika in collaboration with Kurogane from Anime Awards SA, hosted the 2017 South African Anime Awards and we want to thank everybody who participated and voted.

We always get to see what the top anime series of the year was in America or Japan but this year we have a voice and our chance to say what anime we, as South Africans think is the best. The survey will be divided into 4 sections. “Best anime”, “Worst anime”, “Most surprising, and “most disappointing”.  Please note, this only applies to series titles that STARTED running in 2017. Great shows like “All out!!” will not be considered.

In the video below you can see the different catergories and who the winners of each catergory was. Do you agree or disagree. Leave us a comment on our Facebook page as we would love to hear from you.