About us

AnimeFanatika was established early in 2012 and the website was created later in the year after two friends, Ookami and Takeshi came together and were reminissing about a day ten years previously when their younger selves wanted to start a community of people that loved anime.  Unfortunately some harsh realities were faced. There were hardly any people that watched anime and finding anime to watch in South Africa was very difficult especially with very expensive internet and limited bandwidth, taking over an hour to download one episode of a series. Life also decided to pull these two friends in very different directions.

Luckily with the advancement of technology it got easier and easier to to download anime and then streaming services started to appear. With this more and more people who liked anime started appearing and the friends love of anime never died. Whenever meeting over the following years they always discussed the idea of growing the anime community in South Africa and in 2012 decided it was time that they let the idea come to fruition.

AnimeFanatika has had it’s fair share of trials and tribulations over the years including almost giving up in 2016 as we felt that we were not making any headway but our community refused to let us quit and after persevering we are very proud that we have been able to expose thousands of people to this wonderful genre through our Website, WhatsApp Group, Facebook Page and monthly meetups.

We want to thank every person that has stood by us and we are working hard to find ways to keep the anime community in South Africa growing. If you would like to get hold of us please drop us an email by using the contact us form

We are Fanatiks and proud of it!