Top Summer 2024 Anime Picks

The summer anime season is filled with very promising anime series and it will be hard to choose what to watch this season. We give you our list of anime that we look forward to and that were also suggested to us by some of our readers and members. We hope you will enjoy this season with us. Now, let’s look at what is on the menu for the summer releases. Itadakimasu!!

Recommended Returning Anime

This season brings exciting returns of beloved anime, including some delightful surprises like FAIRY TAIL: 100 Years Quest which Fairy Tail Enthusiasts has been craving for for some time. Fans are thrilled about the comebacks of perennial favorites like ‘Kami no Tou 2nd Season’ (Tower of God), and Sengoku Youko: Senma Konton-hen The anticipation is palpable as viewers eagerly await the continuation of these cherished series. It’s shaping up to be an exceptional season for anime enthusiasts!

FAIRY TAIL: 100 Years Quest

Kami no Tou 2nd Season (Tower of God)

Kimi to Boku no Saigo no Senjou, Aruiwa Sekai ga Hajimaru Seisen Season II

Megami no Cafe Terrace 2nd Season

NieR:Automata Ver1.1a Cour 2

OSHI NO KO 2nd Season

Sengoku Youko: Senma Konton-hen

SHY 2nd Season

Yamato yo Towa ni: Rebel 3199

Our Top 10 Spring Anime Picks

Dead Dead Demon's Dededededestruction

Three years before the main events, on August 31st, an alien spaceship appeared over Tokyo. Although it hasn’t attacked, the Japanese government views it as a threat and unsuccessfully attempts to destroy it. This sparks a cold war between Earth’s humans and the aliens in the mothership. Political groups are divided into “warctopuses,” who want to eliminate the aliens, and “peacesquids,” who seek negotiation. Amid this tense backdrop, high school students Koyama Kadode and Nakagawa Ouran strive for normalcy. The story focuses on human nature and the challenges of growing up in a turbulent, uncertain world, rather than the alien invasion itself.

Delico's Nursery

Dali Delico, a prominent aristocrat and elite member of the Blood Pact Council, has a bright future ahead. However, he defies an important mission from the Council, frustrating fellow members Gerhard, Dino, and Henrique. When they visit Dali, they find him caring for a young child. Simultaneously, a series of mysterious murders targeting vampires occurs, linked to the anti-social organization Pendulum and possibly to Dali’s past. Amid these challenges, Dali vows to balance his duties with child-rearing. This Gothic tale explores the noble struggles of vampire aristocrats as they navigate duty and parenting with pride.

Dungeon no Naka no Hito - English: Dungeon People

Seven Seas Entertainment describe the story:

An unexplored dungeon, filled with monsters and traps. An expert thief, searching for her lost father. When Clay delves into the dungeon deeper than any adventurer has ever gone, she is offered a job by the dungeon’s caretaker! Now, instead of exploring, Clay must learn how to interview new monsters, set traps and position slimes around the dungeon. Will this new career path bring her any closer to finding her father?

Gimai Seikatsu - English: Days with My Step Sister

Gimai Seikatsu follows the story of Yuta Asamura, a high school student whose quiet life takes a dramatic turn when his father remarries. He now lives with his new stepsister, Saki Ayase, a diligent and reserved girl his age. As they navigate their new sibling relationship, they gradually grow closer, sharing everyday moments and supporting each other through challenges. Despite their different personalities, Yuta and Saki learn to appreciate and care for each other, forming a unique bond. Gimai Seikatsu explores themes of family, understanding, and the complexities of blending lives, creating a heartwarming tale of newfound siblinghood.

Madougushi Dahliya wa Utsumukanai: Kyou kara Jiyuu na Shokunin Life - English: Dahlia in Bloom: Crafting a Fresh Start with Magical Tools

After dying from overwork in Japan, Dahlia is reborn in a magical world. Raised by a master magical toolmaker, she becomes passionate about the craft and gets engaged to her father’s apprentice. However, her father dies suddenly, and on the eve of their wedding, her fiancé confesses his love for someone else. Realizing she needs to live for herself, Dahlia vows to devote herself to her craft. From a chance encounter with a knight to starting her own company, challenges abound. No longer a shrinking violet, Dahlia is ready to bloom and embrace her new life with determination.

Naze Boku no Sekai wo Daremo Oboeteinai no ka? - english: Why Does Nobody Remember Me in This World?

The war between five races—humans, Demonic Race, Wild God Race, Spirit Race, and Phantom Beast Race—ended with humans victorious. Prophet Sid sealed the other four races in “Crypts,” black pyramids. Kai’s job is to guard these crypts, ensuring the seals remain intact, while also training to protect humanity if the seals break. One day, as the crypts appeared quiet, Kai witnessed a world-bending phenomenon. “World Rebirth” was activated, and Kai found himself in a completely different world where no one knows him, but he remembers everyone. Now, he must navigate this unfamiliar reality and face new challenges.

Shinmai Ossan Boukensha, Saikyou Party ni Shinu hodo Kitaerarete Muteki ni Naru. - English: The Rookie Middle-Aged Adventurer Was Trained to Death by the Most Powerful Party to Become Invincible

It’s well-known that starting young is best for adventurers since magical power, crucial for their strength, barely grows without early training. However, Rick Gladiator defied this by becoming an S-rank adventurer after age thirty. Rick’s incredible combat skills were honed by living an extraordinary life with the legendary Orihalcon Fist, the continent’s strongest adventurers. Trained by these “monster” mentors, Rick’s prowess allows him to defeat elite adventurers who underestimate him, having faced dragons, vampires, and more. His journey showcases that late starts can still lead to legendary status.

Suicide Squad ISEKAI

In Gotham’s crime-ridden streets, Amanda Waller, head of A.R.G.U.S., assembles notorious criminals—Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Peacemaker, Clayface, and King Shark—for a dangerous mission. These Super-Villains are sent to an otherworldly realm, an ISEKAI filled with swords, magic, rampaging orcs, and sky-ruling dragons. With lethal explosives in their necks, there’s no escape, and failure means death. Can Harley Quinn and her crew survive this perilous ISEKAI? Prepare for the thrilling saga of the “Suicide Squad” as they embark on an extraordinary adventure!


Here is the synopsis according to AnimeJapan:

One night, nearly all of the humans in town die all at once. Shortly after, high school student Saneatsu, along with the rest of the few remaining humans, receives a message through a monitor from someone calling themselves “Emperor”. Every night from now on, the “missing majority” will be carried out, and the “majority group” of people will die. In other words, at the very least, the remaining human population will be cut in half each night. Can our protagonist survive this game rife with betrayal, conspiracy, and despair?

Terminator Zero

In 2022, a war rages between human survivors and an endless machine army. Back in 1997, the AI Skynet became self-aware, starting its war on humanity. A soldier is sent back to 1997 to change humanity’s fate. Her mission: protect scientist Malcolm Lee, who is developing a new AI to combat Skynet’s looming attack. As Malcolm grapples with the moral dilemmas of his creation, he is relentlessly hunted by a future assassin, altering the fate of his three children forever.

Honourable Mentions

Our Honorable Mentions feature anime that came very close to making our top recommendation list. However, due to the limited space of our top recommendations, we’ve included them here as they could be the enjoyable watch you’ve been seeking!

ATRI -My Dear Moments-

The official website’s introduction:

“As the world sank, I found you.”

His only hope to restore the dreams for the future that he has lost is to take up an opportunity presented to him by the suspicious debt collector Catherine.

They set sail to search the sunken ruins of his grandmother’s laboratory in order to find a treasure rumor says she left there.

But what they find is not riches or jewels; it is a strange girl lying asleep in a coffin at the bottom of the sea, Atri. Atri is a robot, but her appearance and her wealth of emotions would fool anyone into think she’s a living, breathing human being. In gratitude for being salvaged, she makes a declaration to Natsuki.

“I want to fulfill my master’s final order. Until I do, I’ll be your leg!”
In a little town slowly being enveloped by the ocean, an unforgettable summer is about to begin for this boy and this mysterious robot girl…

Boku no Tsuma wa Kanjou ga Nai - English: My Wife Has No Emotion

Takuma, a single workaholic, gets a robot housekeeper, Mina-chan, to manage chores. Jokingly suggesting she be his wife, Takuma is surprised when Mina takes it seriously. As they spend more time together, he starts falling for her. But can a human and a robot truly have an equal, loving relationship?

Elf-san wa Yaserarenai. - English: Plus-Sized Elf

Naoe-kun, a massage therapist, gets an unusual patient: a bodacious elf with emerald eyes and pointy ears. She left her world for junk food and now needs Naoe’s help to lose the weight and keep it off. Can he assist this lovable elf girl in overcoming her obsession?

Grendizer U

After a devastating attack by Vega’s forces on planet Fleed, Duke Fleed and Grendizer escaped to Earth. Adopted by Dr. Amon and renamed Daisuke, he worked at the Space Research Center. During their quest to identify mysterious objects in the sky, an attack jolted Daisuke’s memory.

Isekai Shikkaku (No Longer Allowed In Another World)

Pulled into an otherworldly adventure with cute sidekicks and superpowers, Osamu, an early 20th-century gloomy author, just wants a quiet place to meet his maker. Instead, his poetic demise is constantly thwarted by inconvenient heroics. Dive into the hilariously tragic life of the most reluctant hero!

VTuber Nanda ga Haishin Kiri Wasuretara Densetsu ni Natteta (VTuber Legend: How I Went Viral after Forgetting to Turn Off My Stream) Recommended but watch with caution

Former wage slave Yuki Tanaka works among her idols, the streamers of Live-On, a top VTuber company. As the polite Awayuki Kokorone, her content doesn’t bring success. One drunken night, her crude jokes go viral. Surprisingly, her manager encourages her to embrace her new rowdy drunk character, leading to newfound success and fun.

2024 Summer Anime our Team watched.

Takeshi Season Roundup

Kaijuu 8-gou

All I can express is OMW. This anime was all the right flags for me. Great story line, beautifully drawn and grabs your attention from the first episode and it has BIG! monsters. I also loved the storyline of the MC and to never give up.

Wind Breaker

I was a bit of a rough house in my youth, therefore this anime really resonated with me. The fight scenes are well drawn and as I was a bouncer when I was younger, I enjoyed that the main story of this anime is the school boys determination to protect the town where they live.

The Fable

Do you like ganster anime then this anime is right up your alley. Funny and quirky but with a serious overtone that never lets you forget that these people can kill you whenever they so choose.

Re: Monster

We are a bit swamped with Isekai Overpowered Anime at the moment but this anime did try to give us a new perspective from the Ogre point of view which I enjoyed. Story can be a bit flat at times but enough to keep you entertained and see how much more the next skill gained can overpower the MC.

Ookami Season Roundup

Lv2 kara Cheat datta Motoyuusha Kouho no Mattari Isekai Life (Chillin' in Another World with Level 2 Super Cheat Powers)

The main character is from a fantasy world and gets isekai’d to another fantasy world and I liked that since most isekai anime are about people getting isekai’d from our world to a fantasy world. I like the main character and his ‘wife’, a demon that he bested because of his super cheat magic skill. It is the best isekai of the spring season for me.

Maou no Ore ga Dorei Elf wo Yome ni Shitanda ga, Dou Medereba Ii? (An Archdemon's Dilemma: How to Love Your Elf Bride)

Definitely the best fantasy anime of the season. I enjoyed the blooming relationship between Zagan, the sorcerer and Nephelia, the beautiful elven slave. If you like romance anime this anime is a pleasant treat.


A very nice reboot of the original Spice and Wolf anime. I can’t wait for the next season as they plan to go beyond the original anime’s story.

Henjin no Salad Bowl (A Salad Bowl of Eccentrics)

A mellow reverse isekai/Detective anime. Very original. I really like the characters especially the princess that gets isekai’d to our world and the private detective.

Bartender: Kami no Glass

The anime is a slowburn slice of life story about a bartender. It was very interesting.

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