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In this bento, we not only celebrate music anime, but we also look at weird Japanese videos from only in Japan, listen to some ASMR as food is prepared, listen to super sugoi AMVs, Catch up on Japanese and anime news, learn about vocaloids and much more yummy goodness. Music is the spice of life, so enjoy your extra spicey bento and remember that we are YOUR monthly source of Japanese and anime culture and news. Itadakimasu!!

News Room

Berserk is not gone!

Usually, when a mangaka passes away his or her manga series dies with them, and last year when Berserk creator Kentaro Miura passed away at 54 fans of the manga series hoped that Berserk could be saved somehow, continue without him in some shape or form. Now a year later those hopes have been answered. It seems that Berserk will be resuming with 6 chapters of the current story to be published before the team will move onto a ‘new arc’. These new entries will be credited, “Original work by Kentaro Miura, Manga by Studio Gaga, Supervised by Kouji Mori”, and their numbering will continue in the same order as older chapters.

Here is an official tweet from the Berserk team sharing the good news earlier in June

Trigun Stampede

If you are an old-school anime fanatik that’s been watching anime since the 1980s and 1990s like the staff at AnimeFanatika the anime Trigun is an old and dear friend. Trigun was produced by Madhouse and it ran for 26 episodes back in 1998. It was followed, more than a decade later in April 2010 by the Trigun: Badlands Rumble anime movie which was based on an original story by the franchise’s mangaka Nightow.

Trigun starred a colourful character named Vash the Stampede, known as The Humanoid Typhoon because of the chaos and destruction always surrounding him, Vash became a legend, travelling from town to town. He was a gunslinger that wielded a humongous silver revolver, trying to protect love and peace, virtues his adopted mother held dearly. Because of the destruction that surrounds him, two Bernadelli Insurance Society reps named Meryl Stryfe and Milly Thompson found him while investigating claims made due to damages caused by the mysterious ‘Humanoid Typhoon.’

Now that you are caught up on Trigun lore and history we are glad to share that a new series named Trigun Stampede is on its way to our screens, after more than a decade. Kenji Mutou (Cavity Express, BEASTARS) is directing the anime at Orange. Kouji Tajima is the concept designer and is credited with the character concept. The cast announced so far are Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Vash the Stampede, Junya Ikeda as Knives Millions, Tomoyo Kurosawa as Young Vash, and Yumiri Hanamori as Young Knives and Maaya Sakamoto as Rem Saverem. As far as we know the new series will premiere in 2023.

Uzumaki anime delayed (Again)

If there is one person creepier than H.P. Lovecraft and Stephen King then it definitely is Junji Ito. His horror manga will give you chills on places that you never knew existed with manga such as Tomoe and Uzumaki. Ito fanatiks have been looking forward to the anime adaptation of his manga Uzumaki for quite a while now. The anime was originally slated to debut in 2020 on Toonami but it has been delayed to 2021 and now to October 2022 because according to the manga’s Twitter account the staff needs more time “in order to replicate the quality of the intricate designs and detailed line work” of the manga. (or is it just too scary to work on, this writer muses).

The four-episode series is directed by Hiroshi Nagahama, who worked on the anime Mushi-Shi, so with his capable hands as the director, this series will be worth the wait. The series’ music is composed by Colin Stetson (Hereditary). The original manga which debuted in 1998/1999 follows the people of a town where strange and mysterious occurrences relate to a spiral shape that makes people become obsessive. The manga inspired a wonderful Japanese live-action horror movie in 2000 which starred Eriko Hatsume and Fan Fhi.

Uzumaki anime update

Uzumaki Live-Action Trailer

Yu-Gi-Oh! Mangaka found dead

We sadly report that Kazuki Takahashi, author of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Manga series has been found dead. It seems that he died after an apparent snorkelling accident in Okinawa Prefecture. His body was found 300 metres offshore and he was wearing a T-shirt and an underwater mask, snorkel and fins according to an unnamed city of Nago official. Takahashi was travelling in a rental car, and when the rental car service could not reach him they contacted the coast guard to search for him, and the coast guard then suspected that the body was his, sadly it was confirmed.

Yu-Gi-Oh! is a legend. The manga ran in the weekly manga magazine Shonen Jump between 1996 and 2004. Later it was published as a series of 38 books by Shueisha and the manga was also adapted into the beloved anime series many grew up with. It was also a massively popular card game which is still being played as well as a lot of computer games.

Kazuki Takahashi’s death is a huge shock and leaves a big hole in the manga and manga community. He is the one that taught us to believe in the heart of the cards and in the power of the greater good when we were younger. We salute Takahashi and will carry his legacy in our hearts…

Here are some more interesting links of news that happened the past month:

Only in Japan: Weird Japanese Music Videos

Since we have a music edition it is only fair that we explore strange and wonderful music from only in Japan.

五五七二三二〇 2nd シングル『ポンパラ ペコルナ パピヨッタ』

A pleasant rock song with Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody vibes this video is strange but highly enjoyable. The songポンパラ ペコルナ パピヨッタ is pronounced: “POMPARA PEKOLUNA PAPIYOTTA” and music icon Yoko Kanno had her amazing hand in the song by playing the part of the composer.

Urbangarde — “Femme Fata Fantasy”

In this video, a finger turns into a rocket and we see ‘apes’ dancing in front of a monolith and more crazy shenanigans. It is a crazy but fun video with catchy music.

Kakkoi Kulture: Vocaloids

Have you heard of a Vocaloid? A Vocaloid is a singing voice synthesizing application that has been on the market since 2004. It began as a simple concept of synthesizing the human vocals for singing. It was a challenging task for the programmers behind the software but thanks to their diligence Vocaloid has grown into a global phenomenon, giving birth to new musicians, artists, music, albums, music concerts and figurines! It was a joint research project in its humble beginnings led by Kenmochi Hideki at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, Spain in 2000 it was initially not even intended to become a fully commercial project, but backed by the Yamaha Corporation it developed and was released in 2004.

This software enables users to synthesize singing by typing in the lyrics as well as melody and even speech by typing in the script of the required words. The technology it uses with recorded voices of actors and singers. It is software that can change the stress of the pronunciations, add effects such as vibrato, or change the dynamics and tone of the voice. Various voicebanks have been released for use with the Vocaloid synthesizer technology and each is sold as a ‘vocalist in a box’, designed as an actual replacement for a singer. They are each released under a moe anthropomorphic character and these avatars are referred to as Vocaloids. And yes, they are virtual artists that can even perform on stage.

There are many different Vocaloids such as GUMI, Fukase and Haruno Sora who sing in Japanese, L♀LA, BIG AL and AVANNA, who sings in English, Bruno and Clara, who are Spanish, UNI who is Korean and Luo Tianyi who is Chinese.

As the software is intended for professional musicians many great artists used Vocaloid such as Japanese musical groups Livetune of Toy’s Factory and Supercell of Sony Music Entertainment Japan. Mike Oldfield, the music icon that brought us Tubular Bells used Vocaloids in his Light + Shade album. 

Astrophysics with Hatsune Miku

Most Viewed VOCALOID Videos 2007-2022 (YT Edition)

Japanese Food: The music of the kitchen!

Remember when we were kids, perhaps lazing on the couch and someone started to make food. Before the alluring aromas, there were the sounds, the sounds of perhaps fluid being poured into a pot, the sound of the gas stove being put on, perhaps the crinkle of a pasta bag being opened and these sounds were comfort sounds and an ASMR experience. According to Oxford Languages ASMR is:

“a feeling of well-being combined with a tingling sensation in the scalp and down the back of the neck, as experienced by some people in response to a specific gentle stimulus, often a particular sound.”

“ASMR is triggered by things like whispering voices, paper tearing, and scalp massage”

In this edition of our bento, we bring you some ASMR straight out of Japanese kitchens. Enjoy the experience!


Tokyo's most ASMR Chef preparing Hida Wagyu & Lobster

AnimeFanatika Top Music anime Recommendations:

Music anime is very versatile: It can have slice-of-life elements such as Nana and Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad, supernatural elements such as Zombieland Saga and Full Moon wo Sagashite (Searching for the Full Moon) or parody and comedy such as Detroit Metal City. There is a marriage between various genres and the music genre and here are a few recommendations!

Nana (MAL Rated 8.56)

Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad (MAL Rated 8.41)

Detroit Metal City (MAL Rated 8.28)

Full Moon wo Sagashite (Searching for the Full Moon) (MAL Rated 8.08)

Zombieland Saga (MAL Rated 7.51)

AMV of the month: Zombieland Saga double play

We go full-on Zombie mode as we watch some sick tracks featuring the music horror anime Zombieland Saga. First up we have Keys N Krates with their track Dum Dee Dum and secondly, we have Neffex with their song Play. Be sure to visit the original band and show them some love.

Dum Dee Dum


Anime Challenge: Zombieland Saga

In our anime challenge this month we find out if the undead can rock, our challenge is Zombieland Saga. Zombieland Saga is produced by MAPPA, Avex Pictures and Cygames. It aired in Japan between October and December 2018 and was followed by a second season Named Zombie Land Saga Revenge which aired in 2021. An anime film has been announced and a manga adaptation of the anime is currently in print.

In the year 2008, high schooler Sakura Minamoto is abruptly killed by a truck on the morning she plans to submit an idol application. Ten years later, Sakura, along with six “legendary” girls from various eras of Japan’s history, are brought back as zombies by a man named Kotaro Tatsumi, who seeks to revitalize Saga Prefecture by putting together an all-zombie idol group that would become known as Franchouchou. Will they crave fame or brains? It is up to us to find out in this challenge!!

Zombie Land Saga was directed by Munehisa Sakai (One Piece Film Strong World, Sailor Moon Crystal) with Shigeru Murakoshi (Kakegurui) in charge of series composition. Kasumi Fukagawa (Persona 3 the Movie #1 Spring of Birth Assistant Animation Director) was on character design, Kazuo Ogura was the art director, Takashi Yanagida the director of photography, and Masahiro Goto was the editor. Yasuharu Takanashi composed the music with Avex Pictures with credited for music production.

Anime Birthday: Sasha Blouse (Attack on Titan) 26th June

Our birthday girl this month is everyone’s favourite Potato girl, Sasha Blouse from Attack on Titan. She was a member of the Survey Corps, one of the few former members of the 104th Training Corps, and decided to join the regiment, upon coming into contact with Eren’s strong desire to eliminate the Titans. A compulsive food hoarder with an overly polite way of speech, Sasha was from Dauper, a village in the southern territory of Wall Rose.

Hajime Isayama named Sasha after comedic actor Sacha Baron Cohen (known as ALI G, Borat and various other characters he portrayed in his comedic sketches!) as Isayama wanted her to be a comedy relief character, and he certainly did it well. He initially planned to kill her off in the 9th volume of the manga but her character was saved by his editor, who is a huge Sasha fan!

Her name is interesting. Sasha’s name is from Russian meaning “defender of humankind.” “Blouse” (Brauss) comes from the German saying “in Sauß und Brauss leben,” meaning “to live off the fat of the land,” a phrase she herself quotes. If you followed the anime or manga you will fondly know that she is a foodie and in our video down below there are more great trivia about that and how she inherited the nickname Potato Girl.