April Aeni challenge – Bagel Girl

Imagine this, you are a 26 overweight loner who collects the Anime girl’s figurines as a hobby, plays games when he comes home after a part-time job, and one morning you wake up transformed during your sleep as a Bagel girl (woman with a baby face and glamorous body)! This is what happens to poor Bong Gi. Embarrassed by the sudden change he asks the internet for help and meets a cute and cheerful girl in an online chatroom that offers to help. He falls for her but quickly finds out there is a complication she is the younger sister of his arch-nemesis.

Bagel Girl is a 2019 aeni series based on a web-hosted cartoon strip by Tank Guy. It premiered on B TV, U+ TV, Olleh TV, LAFTEL, Home Choice on December 2019 or January 3, 2020. Studio ANIMAL is the company which made this animation series.