September Anime Challenge: Vampire Knight

To some students, school is already filled with monsters like pimples, homework and psychotic physical education teachers. In Vampire Knight it is not glowy cute vampires like in the Twilight series or a group of nerds led by a cheerleader like in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The monsters are darker, much more beautiful and just love your blood type.

Vampire Knight was created by Matsuri Hino as a manga bearing the same name. The anime was produced by Studio Deen. Kiyoko Sayama directed it. Takefumi Haketa did the soundtrack. The anime is 26 episodes but are broken down into two seasons: Vampire Knight (13 Episodes) and Vampire Knight Guilty (13 Episodes)

The main protagonist is Yuki Cross a human girl, whose earliest memory is about a stormy night in winter, ten years ago, when a vampire attacked her and she was rescued by another vampire named Kaname Kuran. Everything before that night is a blur and she cannot remember.

Yuki is the adoptive daughter of the headmaster of Cross Academy, a school for human students by day and vampire students at night. Yuki is in love with the mysterious vampire that rescued her. As the series progress, she starts remembering her past, suffering from hallucinations and her mind sinks into darkness and corruption, which forces Kaname to awaken her and lead her to her true identity.

Another plotline involves the tale of Zero Kiryuu, who struggles with dark thoughts of hatred towards vampires since his family were wiped out by vampires and this turned him into a person slowly turning into one, the transformation only held bay with medication.