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Konnichiwa Minna. We have a fun bento filled with Isekai goodness to munch on. We have our usual Kawaii Kulture, Food recipes, AMVs and Birthday of the month all cooked up with Isekai and our anime challenge of the month will get all Isekai fanatiks excited. We also have our doses of Japanese and anime news and we have a very interesting Only in Japan, all that and more to explore in this otherworldly adventure. We are YOUR monthly source of anime and Japanese culture, Itadakimasu!!

Anime News


2012. The Bleach anime ended after 366 episodes leaving its fanbase brokenhearted and disappointed since we all knew the story did not end there. No official statement was released about the anime’s abrupt end, it was the most famous Shōnen anime back then rivalled only by Naruto. Now a decade later Bleach’s creator announced the return of the Bleach anime!

The upcoming anime will adapt the Thousand Year Blood War arc, and will not be censored like the previous series, in fact, it is going to run at a new timeslot, midnight, which is perfect for an anime that deals with afterlife matter. We can expect gore and much more action. The release date is still left hanging because the anime has suffered production delays due to the whole COVID-19 situation.

It also seems that the new series will start at episode 367, and will not be a complete restart. It has also been confirmed that the anime will not be a continuous running anime but will adopt the My Hero Academia format of airing 12 to 13 episodes at a time. But that being said we have now 50 to possible 100 episodes of this epic series in our future!

In Memoriam: Kentaro Miura

Kentaro Miura, father of the Berserk manga and anime franchise passed away on May 6th from an acute aortic dissection. He was only 54-years-old. The magazine Hakusensha, which currently serializes Berserk announced the news a few weeks ago on their website, saying that they hold Miura’s work in the utmost respect and it is an honour to publish the mangaka’s work. They also announced that Miura’s family already had a private service for him. The editorial staff of Young Animal magazine also expressed their condolences and reminisced that Miura never once looked angry or upset, quite a contrast to his series Berserk which is as dark as dark fantasy can get. In fact, they said:” He always looked like a happy person who was a kid at heart”.

Some may ask how can one man and his manga touch the world, proof in the answer strangely lies in the Final Fantasy XIV community. The Final Fantasy game franchise itself has no link to Kentaro Miura or Berserk yet the Final Fantasy community has been holding massive impromptu memorial gatherings to honour the mangaka. Big swords are part of FFXIV’s imagery, the game’s greatsword-wielding Dark Knight class when equipped with shadowy-hued armour has a striking resemblance in common with the Berserk protagonist, Guts. We share with you a video from the vigil and keep a handkerchief ready since it may tear up the eyes, it certainly did to a certain AnimeFanatika staff member.

Long live the legacy of Kentaro Miura. Our heatfelt gratitude for all his work. He will be remembered.

Tragedy strikes mecha designer

May 22, Kazutaka Miyatake, aged 71, mecha creator and co-founder of Studio Nue was hospitalized after a fire at his home. His wife Tomoko Watanabe, aged 60 and Miyatake was rushed to the hospital, where she sadly passed away. It took two hours to put out the fire. The fire is still under investigation. But so far the police examining the one-floored wooden structure where they lived noticed the fire damage was particularly strong in the house’s kitchen area.

Kazutaka Miyatake created mechanical designs for some of the most iconic science-fiction anime ever, including Space Battleship Yamato, Macross, Aura Battler Dunbine, The Super Dimension Century Orguss, Gunbuster, Macross Plus, Mobile Suit Gundam Seed, and more. He is also credited for conceptual or artistic design for such anime as Star Blazers 2199, RahXephon, Macross Frontier, Macross Frontier: Sayonara no Tsubasa, and Eureka Seven. He is a co-founder of Studio Nue, the studio behind the Macross franchise. AnimeFanatika would like to express our deepest condolences for the loss of his wife and wishes him a speedy recovery of his health.

Only in Japan

Katy Perry and Pikachu!

As part of the Pokemon franchise’s 25th-anniversary celebration, the California-born pop diva Katy Perry created an electrifying song co-starring a female Pikachu. In the video, it looks as if she and Pikachu have been BFFs for ages. The video starts with her and her Pikachu entering and going to the top of a lighthouse, followed by a flashback to a time when she was not a star yet and the Pikachu was still a Pichu. The video shows various scenes of her and Pikachu as well as their younger counterparts, helping their younger selves out without being seen, clearly preserving the space-time continuum. The song also has a few easter eggs in the lyrics such as “Wanna be the best, but at what cost?” referencing the original anime theme song as well as “There’s no reason that this life can’t be electric,” referring to both Pikachu and Pichu’s pokemon type – electric.

Pond Perils

It seems that only in Japan the coast guard takes it seriously to release a series of videos warning people of what NOT to do when you fall into a reservoir pond. We share three videos that may help you to know what might be the wrong way to go about it. The video titles explain it all: “No Matter How Hard You Try, You Won’t Be Able to Pull Yourself out of a Reservoir Pond.”, “How to Wait for Rescue from a Pond.” and “You Absolutely Must Not Remove Your Shoes in a Pond.”

“No Matter How Hard You Try, You Won’t Be Able to Pull Yourself out of a Reservoir Pond.”

“How to Wait for Rescue from a Pond.”

“You Absolutely Must Not Remove Your Shoes in a Pond.”

Link of the Month

Ever wondered why Team Rocket’s Meowth is almost the only Pokemon that can speak human? Our link of the month teaches us the why!

Pokémon: Why Meowth Can Talk In The Anime

Kawaii Kulture : Isekai

Isekai, the Japanese anime/manga/light novel and the visual novel genre that is either defended ‘fanatikally’ or hated in equal parts. The word loosely translates to ‘different world’ or ‘otherworld’. The genre is quite simple to explain. All Isekai centres around a person being transported to and has to survive in another world. It can be a Fantasy World (for example Maou-sama, Retry! Or Outbreak Company), a virtual world (examples include Log Horizon or Overlord) or a parallel universe (Tsubasa The reservoir Chronicles). The story let the audience and protagonist explore the world at the same pace. Isekai is as varied as can be, it can be fantasy, science fiction, accidental travel or portal fantasy, it is a genre with endless possibilities.

There is also a ‘sub-genre of Isekai called Reverse Isekai that is about a character travelling from their world to ours. Shuffle! and, The Devil is a Part-Timer are great examples of reverse Isekai.

Isekai as a genre term was only coined in the last few decades but stories about people leaving our world and entering another is a millennia-old concept. Vikings used to believe that there are nine worlds, some of them include a world for the light elves, a world for the dark elves, Valhalla, which is a sort of heaven for warriors and Helheim, which is another world for the dead. Celtic lore also has stories of the other world and the land of the fey. The land of the fey in many lores of many countries like Japan is a world that runs parallel to our own. A great example is Urashima Tarō, a man who saves a turtle, and it turns out to be magical and the turtle takes him to a magical undersea kingdom. He parties there with the people of the kingdom for a few days and leaves to go home, only to find that hundreds of years have passed, no one he knew is alive anymore. Mysteries and legends like this inspired writers to write tales of travelling to other worlds like Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865), A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court (1889), The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1900), Peter Pan (1904), and The Chronicles of Narnia (1950). Movies such as Neverending Story also carries on this tradition and modern television series like Fringe.

Isekai has two main genres isekai ten’i, which involves the character(s) to transition into another world (No game No Life) and isekai tensi, in which the character(s) gets reincarnated into another world (Mushoku Tensei). In this month’s anime challenge, we will tell you more about great isekai, so be sure to do the challenge with us.

Spread the Word: Isekai

As our language lesson, this month let us look at the Japanese word Isekai, it comes from the Japanese word 異世界 which translate to the phrase ‘different world‘, loosely translated to a parallel universe, another world or other world. There are three kanji in the term ‘isekai’ but the term makes up two words. The first kanji means different or unusual, and the second and third kanji can be used to mean one word meaning ‘the world’. Interesting enough the combination of the kanji can also mean ‘some society or grouping of people’.

Recipe of the month: Other Worldy Foods

There is much Isekai anime that deals with food, most do because food is an essential ingredient in staying alive. In some characters may invent recipes while conquering their fantasy worlds but then there is an obscure isekai that is all about food like Isekai Shokudou (restaurant to Another World).

It is about a restaurant somewhere in Tokyo that specializes in Western cuisine, Mondays to Fridays. On Saturdays, however, it is closed to the public but then it is when a dimensional door opens and beast-men, lizardmen, swordsmen, wizards, shape-shifting dragons, treasure hunters and other fantasy world surprises go to the restaurant ‘Western Restaurant Nekoya’ to eat from its exquisite menu. (There is even a parfait that can cure illness!). There are many ‘foodies’ on YouTube that recreated some of the dishes for us and we share two Isekai Shokudou recipes with you!

Hamburger Steak from Isekai Shokudou (Quarantine Edition)

How To Make Japanese Minced Meat Cutlet from Restaurant From Another World

Top Five Isekai Anime recommendations

We bring you our recommendation on 5 super sugoi isekai anime. From two gamer siblings teleported into a world of games to a gamer stuck in his own virtual RPG, to a girl that gets reincarnated into a spider, a man reincarnated into slime to an athlete that suddenly finds herself in a brand new world, these are otherworldly adventures that may captivate and amaze you.

No Game No Life


“So I'm a spider, so what?”

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

The Vision of Escaflowne

AMV of the month: Something different

This month we do it a little different. One AMV and one music video, both from isekai. First up is the AMV featuring No Game No Life Zero, the movie of the popular No Game No Life anime featuring the song Shatter Me by Lindsey Stirling. You can find a link to the original song by Lindsy Stirling here, please show your support to the amazing artist by visiting her Youtube and leaving a like.

Secondly, we bring you a song from “So I’m a spider, so what?”, it is the opening theme, ‘keep weaving your spider way’ performed by Riko Azuna and it is so amazing that we share the original video with you.

Shatter Me

keep weaving your spider way

June Anime Challenge: How Not to Summon a Demon Lord

How Not to Summon a Demon Lord, or in Japanese Isekai Mao to Shokan Shojo no Dorei Majutsu is an anime adaptation of the light novel series written by Yukiya Murasaki and illustrated by Takahiro Tsurusaki. There is also a manga adaptation by Naota Fukuda that’s been published since 2015.

How Not to Summon a Demon Lord tells the story of Takuma Sakamoto, a hikikomori gamer who is mysteriously teleported to his favourite MMORPG, Cross Reverie, appearing as his own character avatar in the game, the demon lord Diablo. The two girls that summoned him the cat girl Rem and the elf Shera attempt to use a spell on him to make him their slave but due to the ability of Takuma’s magic ring, the spell bounce and they turn up with salve collars on their necks, becoming his servants instead. Part of the storyline is him travelling with the girls to find a way to get rid of the slave collars around their necks while helping them with the personal issues that made them summoning him in the first place.

June anime birthday: Merle (The Vision of Escaflowne)

30 June is the birthday of Merle a character from the isekai anime The Vision of Escaflowne. The anime tells the tale of Hitomi, a high school athlete that is transported from Earth to the fantastic world Gaea where she meets the young prince Van Fanel and becomes part of his quest to unite the countries of Gaea against the Zaibach Empire. It is a fantasy but also magic-slash-mecha series where we learn interesting secrets about Vans’s family and also get to see the giant machine Escaflowne in battle. The Escaflowne anime series aired in Japan in 1996.

Merle is Van’s childhood friend and becomes a friend and support to Hitomi. She is a catgirl with short pink hair and blue eyes. She has black stripes on her face, tail, arms and legs and a cute puff of white fur on the end of her tail. Like a cat, Merle is mischievous and playful. She always says what is on her mind and can be mean without realizing it. She is very affectionate toward and protective of Van, and at first, is jealous of Hitomi’s growing closeness with Van.

Merle shares her birth month with Yugi Muto from Yu-Gi-Oh! On June 4th, and Launch from Dragon Ball on the 17th.

Anime Meetup Fun with Isekai

Our anime meetup is dedicated to Bree, an admin on our Whatsapp group, as a birthday gift she asked for an Isekai anime day. The event is tentative for Cool Runnings as the live event may be cancelled due to COVID restrictions. However, the online event will also run on our Discord so we will still have our anime day. Please keep checking the events and our Facebook group page for more information in case the event may change due to the COVID restrictions.

WHEN: 19 June 2021

TIME: 12:00 to 18:00

WHERE: Discord or Cool Runnings, Centurion (120 Ivan Str, Hennops Park Centurion, Gauteng · Pretoria) The anime day is at the back of the club in the anime screening room. A reminder that the live event at Cool Runnings is tentative.

Link: (Remember to accept the rules to gain access to the full channel)