November Anime Challenge: Uninhabited Planet Survive

Our anime challenge this month is a fan favourite of both Ookami and Takeshi of AnimeFanatika. Getting stranded on an island is already troublesome enough, but what if you end up on an alien planet with no signs of intelligent life and strange giant creatures swarming around you? That’s what the anime series, Uninhabited Planet Survive, puts its characters through.

Uninhabited Planet Survive (Mujin Wakusei Savaivu) also known as Planet Survive is a Sci-Fi/Fantasy anime series consisting of 52 episodes, which were broadcast without breaking the anime into shorter segments. We will be cover the first 16 episodes for our challenge. The anime carries the rare virtue of being an original concept since it is not based on any manga. The anime was even translated into Portuguese and Spanish and is highly popular. There are a still a lot of sites and even fan fiction about the anime floating on the web. 

Our story takes place two centuries from now, as space travel and planet colonization form a daily part of life. Planet Earth is uninhabitable (we finally over polluted our world) and mankind forced to survive by colonizing the surrounded planets like Mars and planetary moons. We join Luna, who has been living alone with Chako, her pet robot cat, since her father died in an accident (we also learn that her mother died two years before that). Along with six of her classmates, as well as Chako, Luna finds herself stranded on an alien planet, after a school trip goes horribly wrong. Since they grew up surrounded with technology with no real knowledge of living in the wild, these kids are faced with challenges including finding food, water and shelter as well as staying alive until rescue comes – if it ever does. Added to this is one final catch, the ever-present question of whether or not the planet really is truly uninhabited.