Coyote Ragtime Show

June Anime Challenge – Coyote Ragtime Show

Our June anime challenge is one filled with adventure, sci-fi, action, comedy and girls with guns! Coyote Ragtime Show was directed by Takuya Nonaka and produced by ufotable. The anime ran from July to September in 2006.

Pirate King Bruce has been murdered by Madame Marciano, boss of the galactic criminal guild. He left behind a treasure of ten billion space dollars to his young daughter Franca which is hidden somewhere in a vault on the planet Graceland. There is a problem however, the planet is in a state of civil war and the president of the Milky Watt threatens to blow the planet up within a week. It is up to notorious space pirate Mister and his trusty sidekicks Bishop and Katana and his rival Swamp to ‘rescue’ the inheritance!