Pirates of Anime Bento Buffet

Beware the Pirates!

Pirates have evolved during the ages. We know the original pirates were seasoned sea-legged bandits sailing the seven seas but they have been re-imagined in many ways such as space pirates in science fictions, sky pirates in air ships such as the movie Stardust, a soccer team has been inspired by them, the Orlando Pirates and we all know the pirate icons such as Captain Hook from Peter Pan and Captain Morgan, the icon of rum. Beware the pirates because as you will see, they still exists in the modern era!

In this bento we explore Japan’s history with pirates, share a rum inspired recipe, share an AMV double play and much more. No need to walk the plank, join us and sail the anime seas for treasures! We are YOUR monthly source for anime news and entertainment, arrr! Itadakimasu!!

Anime News

Anime Midwest 2019

Anime Midwest is one of the biggest anime conventions appearing in Chicago between July 5 to 7, this year. Expect music artist, voice actors, dance raves, a formal fantasy ball and free rice, ramen and soda for a whole weekend , anime screenings, wandering cosplayers and you have only half the picture of this great event.

What is more is that great music legends like FEMM, Ladybeard, Reika, Zwei, Fuki, and Lia to name a few will be performing at the festival. Lia is known for being the voice behind anime soundtracks for anime like Angel Beats! and Charlotte, and she is vocal inspiration for the vocaloid IA. Zwei is known for doing the opening song for the visual novel Robotics;Notes, and doing the end theme to Steins;Gate 0. Fuki performed for the anime titles such as Mysterious Joker, W”z, and various video games such as BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma and Terra Formars Revenge.

Australian-wrestler-turned-Metal-icon Ladybeard from the bands LADYBEARD and DEADLIFT LOLITA will kawaiicore the masses with his bodybuilder icon band member Reika Saiki. They will perform quite a number of original songs specially prepared for the event. Dance and rap duo Femm is well-loved among teens in Europe and the US, so the music at the event promises to be off-the-charts-epic.

Below is a video showcasing some of the cosplayers at last years Anime Midwest.

Hungry Days

What would a Pirate Bento be without the anime icon series One Piece. Well, what we have to share next is, but is not quite, One Piece. Nissin, known for their yummy cup noodle instant ramen commissioned Hungry Days, a series of short anime videos. Instead of the high seas, every one that is every one from the One Piece universe is now a student at a Japanese high school. The first episode is about a young man from the school’s kendo team who aims to become the best in the world and his name is Roronoa Zoro, yup, the same Zoro form the Straw Hat Pirates from One Piece!

In the episode 17-year-old Zoro is defeated by fellow One Piece swordsman Dracule Mihawk. Several One Piece characters make their cameos in the video if you watch carefully such as Nami, Sanji, Usopp, Frankie, Nico, Luffy and human versions of Chopper and Brook. The series of videos, which transports and transforms anime characters and puts them into a modern Japanese high school era’s character designer is none other than manga artist Eisaku Kubonouchi, the person known for re-imagining Kiki, Studio Ghibli’s most beloved witchy delivery person.

We share with you the Hungry Days One Piece Chapter. See which of your One Piece heroes you can spot in the video!

Museum opens it doors to manga!

During the month the British Museum in London opened it’s doors to what is now known as the largest exhibition of manga outside of Japan. Manga series, spanning 50 artists are showcased which include Eiichiro Oda’s “One Piece and Osamu Tezuka’s “Astro Boy”.

British Museum director Hartwig Fischer said in a statement that manga is “the modern graphic art of storytelling first perfected in Japan and is now loved all over the world,” and continued ,“Building on Japan’s centuries-old tradition, the best manga have the visual power to excite us and draw us into their world, with inventive storylines that engage our emotions,”.

Some of the subject matter included in the exhibition are the history of manga, it’s place in society and fan culture of manga. The exhibition is going to run until August 26th. While the entrance fee is £19.50 (ZAR 362.13) for adults, visitors are allowed to freely read manga to their heart’s content.

Special Guest: Marina Simela, Anime Tattoo Artist

If you are into anime and tattoos and want to get your favourite anime character inked on your body, Marina Simela may be just the artist to ink you. Ookami recently interviewed the talented artist on her life as a wielder of the ink needle and her love for anime and manga.

Here is the interview 

Kawai Kulture: Japan vesus the Wokou Pirates

For a little part in Japan’s history there were a group of pirates that caused problems not just for Japan but also for Korea and China. They were the Wokou. The term wokou is Chinese in origin and comes from the words Wo (referring to either dwarfs of the Japanese) and kòu (which means “bandit”.) These were pirates from various origins and ethnic mostly from Chinese, Korean and Japan. 

There are two distinct eras of piracy involving the Wokou, the 14th century and the 16th century. We will focus on the early wokou, which set up camp on the Japanese islands, opposed to the wokou of the 16th century who were mostly non-Japanese. Early record report that the main camps of the early wokou pirates were the island of Tsushima, Iki Island, and the Goto Islands.

Korean scholar-official and diplomat Jeong Mong-ju was dispatched to Japan to deal with the problem, and during his visit the Kyushu governor Imagawa Sadayo suppressed the pirates, later returning their captured property and people to Korea. Records also show that in 1405 Ashikaga Yoshimitsu, the 3rd shōgun of the Ashikaga shogunate sent twenty captured pirates to China, where they were boiled in a cauldron in Ningbo. 

While pirates are well known in the Western World, and piracy is even alive and well in one form or another it is quite interesting to know that even Japan had problems with pirates. They may not be the grand nice pirates like Luffy and his Straw Hat Crew from the anime One Piece, but they were a part of history and deserve to be remembered. And if you think Japan is finished with its history with pirates, it may not be the case. In 2013 a Somali pirate received an 11-year jail sentence in Japan

Spread the Word & Word of the Month: Pirate

There is one sentence One Piece lover know very well. Luffy always say “Ore wa Kaizoku-ou ni naru otoko da”, which means “I am the man who will become pirate king! Since our Bento is all about pirates our word of the month is Kaizoku which means Pirate! Looking deeper into its meaning it means “a pirate” and “a sea robber” in English. “Kai” of the first character means “sea”, and “Zoku” of the second character means “thief”.


Recipe of the month: Hokkaido Marusei Rum Raisin Butter Cream Sandwich Cookies

In Pirate lore, rum is the official pirate drink and we all know that all-time favourite combination of rum and raisins, like rum and raisin ice cream and rum and raisin milkshake. We share with you not one, but two recipe videos today, first off the video for the Hokkaido Marusei Rum Raisin Butter Cream Sandwich Cookies for rum and raisin lovers and then for those who war not into rum and raisins a yummy Japanese sandwich video. Itadakimasu!!

Hokkaido Marusei Rum Raisin Butter Cream Sandwich Cookies

Japanese Sandwiches, better than sushi?

Top 5 Pirate Anime

In anime, pirates are more than just a motley crew sailing the seven seas in boat, raiding coastlines and drinking vast quantities of rum, pirates can also be space-faring adventurers attacking spaceships and spreading fear on planets. We take a look at some pirates from the oceans of anime to the vast reaches of outer space!

Angel Links

Black Lagoon

Coyote Ragtime Show

One Piece

Outlaw Star

Birthday of the Month: Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop

This month’s anime birthday boy is a giant. Spike Siegel is the main protagonist of the anime Cowboy Bebop, an anime globally revered as a timeless classic. In the anime Spike is a bounty hunter, hunting kidnappers, hackers, space pirates and other dodgy individuals on the spaceship, Bebop with a colourful ensemble of crew members Jet Black, Faye Valentine, Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV, and Ein.

Spike, born on Mars on June 26, 2044 is rumoured to be an orphan, we do know that his grandmother died before he was born, but some speculate his parents died when he was very young. Various theories are on the net that his racial origins could be Jewish, American, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Latino, or a light-skinned African but Spike is the sort of hero that belongs to every race, creed and colour.

Our hero Spike has similarities with Eric Draven in The Crow (portrayed by Brandon Lee in the 1994 film): (a) both were thought to be dead, (b) both were in love with a beautiful woman with whom they were destined to be together, (c) both went on a quest to avenge loved ones, (d) they both fought their rivals in an abandoned church, killing said rival in a poetic and violent manner and (e) both are exceptionally versed in wielding weapons and martial arts.

If you have not seen Cowboy Bebop we highly recommend that you give it a watch. It is filled with action, romance, adventure, comedy, science fiction, and beautiful chaos. You will weep from the bottom of your soul and laugh from the pits of your heart.

Our birthday boy Spike share his birth month with the following anime heroes: Yugi Muto from Yu-Gi-Oh! On June 4th, Itachi Uchiha from Naruto on the 9th of June and Launch from Dragon Ball on the 17th.

AMV of the month: a Black Lagoon Double treat!

This month we bring you a Black Lagoon double treat! Our first video feature the song ‘Black Betty‘ by Spiderbait followed by ‘Come with me Now’ by The Congos. Enjoy the double play!

Black Betty

Come With Me Now

Anime Challenge: Coyote Ragtime Show

Our June anime challenge is one filled with adventure, sci-fi, action, comedy and girls with guns! Coyote Ragtime Show was directed by Takuya Nonaka and produced by ufotable. The anime ran from July to September in 2006.

Pirate King Bruce has been murdered by Madame Marciano, boss of the galactic criminal guild. He left behind a treasure of ten billion space dollars to his young daughter Franca which is hidden somewhere in a vault on the planet Graceland. There is a problem however, the planet is in a state of civil war and the president of the Milky Way threatens to blow the planet up within a week. It is up to notorious space pirate Mister and his trusty sidekicks Bishop and Katana and his rival Swamp to ‘rescue’ the inheritance!

Anime Day: Action Adventure Anime Day

It is time to explore action and adventure and we have some great titles to show at our next Anime Day on June 15th. We thank our WhatsApp group admin member Breezee Puffkins for picking the list for viewing which includes anime series like Trigun, Assassination Classroom, One Punch Man, Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? and Hellsing Ultimate and great movies like The Dragon Dentist and Highlander: The Search for Vengeance.

Join us for the adventure! Entrance is free! Grab a friend and come join us for a super sugoi day.

When: Saturday, June 15th, 2019

Time: 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Place: Cool Runnings, Centurion (120 Ivan Str , Hennops Park Centurion, Pretoria)

Be sure to look at our event page on our website as we may update with more news on events.