Ape About Onsen Bento Buffet

Ape About Onsen Bento Buffet

There’s more than apes in the Onsen!

Konnichiwa Minna! We are entering the second month of Autumn in Japan and in the spirit of the colder weather we are heating things up a bit. We look at the onsen again and this time explore the fact that not only humans but other creatures like onsen on a cold day. We also have a smoking AMV and a yummy smoothie recipe on our menu. We also bring you anime news from the past month. We ARE your monthly source of anime news. Itadakimasu!!

This month in Anime

We are so lucky with all the great new anime series this season. We’ve had multi-dimensional travel in the anime Akanesasu Shoujo, where we explored how weird it is to meet another version of yourself. We have visited a manga store in Gaikotsu Shoten’in Honda-san where a skeleton gave us tips on manga and when have been shocked about the level of violence in Goblin Slayer, it is an anime that is either loved or hated so if you have not sampled it yet, be forewarned!

A Certain Scientific Accelerator

A Certain Scientific Accelerator

A Certain Scientific Accelerator

Many of us were ecstatic when A Certain Magical Index was revived for a third season and it seems the anime franchise is getting another spinoff anime coming to us in 2019, A Certain Scientific Accelerator. The spin-off manga was created in December 2013 and focusses on the A Certain Magical Index character Accelerator. Accelerator is the most powerful esper in Academy City, and used to be an antagonist in the series but rose as a hero!

This series was announced at a stage presentation at the “Dengeki Bunko 25th Anniversary Fall Dengenki Festival” event in October. Nobuhiko Okamoto will star as Accelerator and Rina Hidaka as Last Order. The anime is to be directed by Nobuharu Kamanaka (Big Order).

Elon Musk

Elon Musk

Elon Musk

Billionaire extraordinaire Elon Musk is as fanatikal about anime as we are it seems. This SpaceX founded shared his dream for mecha to become a reality on Twitter during October. He stated that it is time to create mecha. Earlier that day he also declared his love for Neon Genesis Evangelion and the anime, your name. Musk can certainly help to make this dream a reality, considering his wealth and resources funding such a project will make that dream easier to happen. He is also known to dream about colonizing Mars. The man has super sugoi dreams!

But his dreams can affect the world in very interesting was as well. The same day he revealed his dream of making mecha real he posted more of his love for anime and added that he owns a chibi Wolverine. All this posting about anime caused his Twitter account to be locked for a brief period!

Musk was quite amused by this and when he returned from his ‘mini-exile’ from Twitter he tweeted “Twitter thought I got hacked & locked my account haha.” It seems Twitter finds it unbelievable that such a high profile personality can be this passionate about anime, they believed that surely his account must be hacked! Anime is for everyone, Twitter! *wink, wink*


Dragon Ball Super: Broly

Dragon Ball Super: Broly is to open in Japanese theatres on December 14th and Manga Entertainment announced in October that the movie will be screening in U.K and Ireland theatres in January 2019. The voice cast for the movie includes Masako Nozawa as Goku, Ryo Horikawa, Ryusei Nakao, Bin Shimada, Aya Hisakawa, Toshio Furukawa, Takeshi Kusao, Kouichi Yamadera, Masakazu Morita, and Katsuhisa Houki.

Akira Toriyama, the franchise’s creator himself is writing the script and designing the characters, while Tatsuya Nagamine (One Piece Film Z) is in the directorial seat. The other staff include Naohiro Shintani – animation director, Kazuo Ogura – art director, Rumiko Nagai – colour designer, Naotake Oota – special effects, and Kai Makino – CG director.

Akira Toriyama provided a comment for the film:

“Everyone, do you know who Broly is?
He appeared only in past anime films, and is a ridiculously strong Saiyan. I am told I only drew his design; at that time I was mostly uninvolved with the anime, and so I completely forgot the details.

Even now it seems Broly is still very popular not just in Japan, but overseas as well, and because of that, the supervisors suggested, “Why don’t we make the movie about Broly this time?”

At that time I was shown the film, and I felt that it would become really interesting depending on how it’s arranged, so we started talking immediately about including [Broly] into the Dragon Ball Super series.

In order to not disappoint Broly fans, I was conscious of Broly’s past image, while also giving him new aspects, and I think he ended up as a fascinating Broly.

Of course, the film won’t just show amazing battles — it will also show what kind of fate Goku, Vegeta, and Broly will follow when they meet; how the Frieza Army is connected; and the history of the Saiyans — the content of the film is dramatic and has a huge scale.”

Tidbits from the realms of anime

Tidbits from the realms of anime

Tidbits from the realms of anime

Attack on Titan

Cardcaptor Sakura


Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative (Kido Senshi Gundam NT)


Onsen Apes

Onsen Apes

Kawaii Kulture – Ape about Onsen

Onsen is natural (mostly) hot springs, enjoyed for relaxation and health all over Japan. The Japanese are very passionate about it, and it is said that with maybe a few exceptions every Japanese person has been to one. Japanese onsen used to be mixed sex, but since the westernization of the country began in the Meiji-era it has become very rare. Nearly nine out of ten onsens are now either separate baths for men, or for women. There are a lot of onsen-related episodes in anime like in Naruto and Naruto Shippuuden where there are a few funny scenes with Naruto and Jiraiya at hot springs, classic Jiraiya, tries to do ‘research’ for his next book by sneaking a peek at the ladies.

Onsen is popular in Autumn and Winter especially when you want to get the chill out of your weary bones, but humans are not the only onsen-loving individuals that frequent these hot springs for warmth, and relaxation. Here are a few examples of other ‘species’ that just love a little warmth in their water.

Hakodate Tropical Botanical Garden in Hokkaido

At this Botanical garden, there is a ‘monkey hill’ with about 90 Japanese monkeys that just love enjoying the onsen. Yes, monkeys usually hate water but there are 80% of the monkey population in this area that like these hot springs during the Autumn and Winter seasons.

Jigokudani Yaen-koen (Nagano)

Deep in the uninhabited mountains of Nagano, there are monkeys that love to relax at this onsen. The area is known to be extremely cold and is usually covered 1m deep with snow in the winter. These monkeys don’t ape around in the cold, they heat up when needed in the onsen of course. When it’s warm they leave the hot springs alone, but when in winter they cannot seem to get enough of these hot springs.

Nasu Animal Kingdom (Tochigi)

Monkeys are not the only creatures that love a warm onsen in cold weather. The Nasu Animal Kingdom boasts at having the first capybara onsen. Imagine this – the capybaras has an open-air hot spring which the humans can view at the indoors onsen, both separated by just a window! But these creatures only frequent the onsen in winter.

Hakone-en Aquarium (Kanagawa)

This aquarium is known as one of the very few places where you can find a rare type of freshwater seal called the Baikal seal. They are part of a running act called the Baikal Seal Show where these rare specimens bathe in the hot spring, armed with their own buckets and towels that their caretakes supply them with! Yes, they put the towels on their heads, just like humans do, and even have relaxed expressions on their faces to show their enjoyment! Now that is adorable and downright kawaii!

Autumn Words

Autumn Words

Spread The Word – Autumn Words

We focus on Autumn words in this bento, and as a special treat also discuss the kanji for the words as well.

Word of the Month: Aki (秋)

Aki (秋) is the Japanese word for autumn or fall season. It is interesting to note that the kanji character 秋 includes also the kanji characters for grain (禾) and fire (火). A nice way to remember this is to visualize some crimson autumn leaves, with the kanji written on them, if visualization is your method of learning!

Kouyou (紅葉)

The most magical element of autumn is the changing of the leaves’ colours. In Japanese, this is known as Kouyou. Observing Kouyou happening in Autumn is as magical as hanami (observing cherry blossoms) in spring. This enchanting phenomenon is known as kouyou in Japanese. The kanji 紅葉 actually translates to ‘crimson leaves’!

Rakuyou (落葉)

In autumn after the leaves change colour (kouyou) the next step is rakuyou, Rakuyou means shed or fallen leaves. Just think back to the times you walked in a park in the autumn season, the fallen leaves cracking beneath your feet….

After the kouyou comes rakuyou. Rakuyou means fallen or shed leaves. Is there anything more autumnal than going for a walk with crispy, bright red or golden fallen leaves beneath your feet?

Shokuyoku no Aki (食欲の秋 )

Shokuyoku no Aki means ‘autumn appetite’, a condition we are all familiar with. As summer turns into autumn our bodies start to adjust to the new season. Our appetites get boosted, meaning we get ‘healthy appetites’. As autumn is a harvest season seasonal fruits and vegetables are bountiful. Fruits like apples, pears and kaki (persimmons -see below) are perfect fruits to eat in the autumn season and fruit are the healthy option when struck with Shokuyoku no Aki.

Kaki (柿)

Our last word on this list is a special one and we added a recipe about it below in our food section of the bento. Kaki is Japanese persimmons, it is a fruit that is everywhere in Japan is Autumn. (The main persimmon season in Japan is from mid-October to mid-November). The fruit is red, which goes well with the colour of the red autumn leaves in the trees. The fruit is rich in vitamin C, perfect to help the body build up immunity against autumnal and wintery diseases like the common cold and flu. It keeps you healthier as the weather turns colder.

Kaki Persimmon

Kaki Persimmon

Recipe of the month – Persimmon (kaki) Breakfast Smoothie

According to youtuber pankobunny, the persimmon fruits are so favourable that all the smoothie needs are milk and cinnamon to make a yummy breakfast! Her recipe makes the smoothie super thick but she advises that you can add another cup of milk for a thinner consistency to the smoothie, and you can add honey if you want it sweeter.

The ingredients are 4 persimmons, 2 cups of milk and cinnamon and it serves 4 people. Watch her video below to see how she does it and there is also a link to her recipe on her website where you can find this, and other recipes. Itadakimasu!!

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion

AMV of The Month: Neon Genesis Evangelion x The Smashing Pumpkins

We go deep into the roots of anime as well as the alternative rock scene with our AMV. The anime is Neon Genesis Evangelion, a mecha anime that ran from October 1995 to March 1996. The anime’s setting is 15 years after a global event, a cataclysm at the city of Tokyo-3. We see the hardships of this futuristic world through the eyes of Shinji, a teenager recruited by his father to pilot a bio-mecha which is called an ‘Evangelion’. Shinji and his fellow pilots fight against alien beings called ‘Angels’. The series draws lore and imagery from various religious beliefs such as Christianity, Kabbalah and Judaism.

The song of our AMV is Bullet With Butterfly Wings from the alternative rock band The Smashing Pumpkins. The band originated from Chicago, Illinois and was formed in 1988 by Billy Corgan (lead vocals, guitar), D’arcy Wretzky (bass guitar), James Iha (guitar), and Jimmy Chamberlin (drums). Since then the band has gone through many line-up changes but it has a huge following still. Enjoy the nostalgic music and anime!



Birthday of the Month: Jiraiya

Jiraiya is one of the most popular and loved characters from the Naruto anime franchise. He was taught by Hiruzen Sarutobi as a young shinobi. He was one of the Konohagakure’s sannin (with Orochimaru and Tsunade), known a famed hermit and author, a jovial pervert sage and a ninja with exceptional skill. He was well travelled, seeking ways to help his friends as well as doing ‘research’ for the novels he wrote. He passed his skill and knowledge to his godson and final student Uzumaki Naruto.

One storyline that comes to mind is the time he discovered Mount Myoboku, the place where the toads reside. He was trained by Fuasaku in their ways, mostly senjutsu. It is also there that the Great Toad Sage made a prediction about Jiraya that Jiraiya would travel the world and meet the Child of Prophecy, a student destined to either save or destroy the world, all depending on how Jiraiya teaches the child.

Jiraya’s birthday is on November 11th which he shares with Ronoroa Zoro of One Piece. Other notable birthdays in November are Kenpachi Zaraki (Bleach) on November 19th and Rock Lee (Naruto) on November 27th.

The Devil Is A Part Timer

The Devil Is A Part Timer

November Anime Challenge – The Devil Is a Part-Timer!

Last month our challenge was Kyoukai no Kanata and we hope you enjoyed the supernatural series with us. This month it is time for action, comedy and fantasy! Our challenge this month is The Devil Is a Part-Timer! (Thank you, Ivan, from our WhatsApp group for the sugoi suggestion! The anime is based on the light novel series written by Satoshi Wagahara, and illustrated by Oniku (written as 029). There have been 19 volumes published of the series since 2011. The 13-episode anime series ran from April to June 2013 and was produced by White Fox. Two manga adaptations have also been published.

The anime tells the story of the Satan, Demon Lord, set to conquer the world of Ente Isla with the help of his demon generals Alciel, Lucifer, Malacoda, and Adramelech. But then the hero Emilia and her companions kill Malacoda and Ardramelechand Satan and Alciel escape the world through a gate to modern day Tokyo, Japan! Because of the lack of magic in this modern world, they change their shapes into something more human and Satan takes a part-time job in a fast food restaurant named MgRonald. Satan, now known as Sadao Maō one day meets a girl who is actually Emilia in the form of Emi Yusa. A whole new adventure awaits the ex-dark-lord-turned-part-timer and his friends. Join us for this exciting challenge this month as we explore just how good Satan is at a fast food worker!



November Anime Day FALL SEASON 2018!

As the fall season has started we will look at the seasonal openers, a great opportunity to decide which anime to put on our watch list this season. Our favourites so far are Goblin Slayer, Zombieland Saga, SSSS.Gridman and Karakuri Circus, who knows what other great series you and us will discover to add to that list! Join us on this super sugoi day for super sugoi anime fun!

As usual, entrance will be free and Cool Runnings will have yummy in-house food and drink specials to enjoy!

Date: Saturday, November 17, 2018
Time: 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Where: Cool Runnings, Centurion (120 Ivan Str , Hennops Park Centurion, Gauteng, Pretoria)

The anime day is at the back of the club in the anime screening room

Also, have a look at Our Top Ten Fall Recommendations as well as the LiveChart Spring 2018 Anime List for more on this season’s anime!

Remember to RSVP on our Meetup page!

Please also circle our December anime day on your calendar. It will be held on December 15th and it will be a Free For All Anime day!