Outbreak Company

July 2018 – Outbreak Company

Anime loves company

For our July anime challenge, the anime is Outbreak Company. It tells the tale of Shin’ichi Kanō, a recluse otako that takes an online exam for a job. Being very knowledgeable on anime, manga and videos he passed the test and meets his new employer. He is drugged and kidnapped and wakes up on another world, a fantasy world.  Shin’chi is then informed that the Japanese government selected him to help improve Japan’s relation with the new world by establishing a company to spread the unique products of Japanese (otaku) Culture to this new, unexplored market.

The Outbreak Company anime ran from October to December 2013. It was produced by Feel and directed by Kei Oikawa. The anime is based on the Outbreak Company: Moeru Shinryakusha (. Outbreak Company: The Moe Invader) light novel series written by Ichirō Sakaki, with illustrations by Yūgen, of which 18 volumes were published from December 2011 to August 2017 by Kodansha.

Be sure to join us as we discover together if Shin’ichi has what it takes to create a market of otaku culture on a fantasy world.