Vampires, Car Chases and Betrayal

Bloodivores – Vampires, Car Chases and Betrayal

A different type of Vampire

Bloodivores is described as an action, supernatural, vampire anime. Created by Creators in Pack Studios and ‘Namu Animation Studios’. Bloodivores is based on a Chinese Webcomic (manga) by the name of ‘Time Prisoners’ by the mangaka (manga artist ) Bai Xiao the anime is a collaboration project between China and Japan which is strange because these two countries do not like each other very much in contrary to people’s stereotyping that all Asians are the same.


According to the anime 60 years ago the human race was struck by a virus that caused a strange type of insomnia that could force the victims to stay awake for more than a full week, and as a result, all of the victims went mad. In order to cure this virus, scientists made a new type of medicine but unfortunately as a “side effect” the victims were turned into bloodivores or as we commonly know them “vampires” who required to live off of humans as sustenance.

Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul

Similar to:

similarities to this anime could include Tokyo Ghoul where the main character Ken Kaneki is turned into a half-ghoul where his only choice is to live off humans, it was not an easy decision but Kaneki had decided to also live as a ghoul but stay as humane as possible. Another possible similar anime could be Deadman Wonderland where the main character was also framed for a crime he did not commit, another similarity between Deadman Wonderland and Bloodivores would be the collars where the collars in Deadman Wonderland could actually kill the person who wears it ,the collars in Bloodivores detects when a “vampire” will have an outburst whereafter a specialized team would capture and or kill the subject.

Bloodivores – First Impressions

The art design was done by Umino Yoshiami, it’s amazing art design was similar to that of Tokyo Ghoul. and together with Noburi Haruko the person in charge of the colour design the animation style skyrocketed. From the amazing car chase scene in episode 1, you would be amazed how well the people composed the animation with the flying cars (not flying cars of the future) and how the animators got the shadows as well as the sun positioning and glare.

The four main characters are Mi Liu (Akabane Kenji), Zou Anji (Kitomura Eri), Chen Fong (Ichika Mitsuhiro) and Win Chao (Yamaguchi Shouhei) these four characters are where the plot lies. So far in the story, we have seen attempts at betrayal, interesting “love confessions” and interesting parts where the main character gets sent to jail for a crime he didn’t commit.

The opening song for the anime is strange because the song itself is sung in Japanese where on the contrary the name of the song translated in ‘Mandarin/Chinese’ is “yu wo gong wu”(With my total mind). And seeing as the anime is based on the Chinese webcomic ‘time prisoners’ it makes sense that the song or songs name would be in Chinese. Bloodiwores have a lot of potential and so far we give the first episode 4 out of 10.

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