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Orange, a budding romance

It is Romance and timetravel in Orange

Join us as AnimeFanatika’s Lala-chan reviews the anime Orange! Find out more about this romantic comedy and Lala-chan’s recommendations.


Episodes: 13
Studio: Telecom Animation Film
Genre: Drama, Romance, School, Sci-Fi, Shoujo
Duration: 23 min per episode
Rating: PG 13
Release date: July 4, 2016
Status: Currently Airing


Naho, a second-year high school student receives a letter from her future self. Originally she assumes it is a prank however as soon as the events written in the letter becomes reality, she realises that the letter is actually informing her of her future and serves as a guideline for her to avoid the mistakes that her future self-regrets and wishes to change. The letter states that she will fall in love with a transfer student but he would die when he turns seventeen-years-old.

Initial Impressions:

Orange is a typical romance shoujo anime dealing with the issues of life that young people have to face such as death and falling in love. Most of the characters are likeable and easy to identify with as they themselves, as well as their problems, come across as realistic. The idea of being able to write a letter to your past self where you are able to give instructions in order to change or avoid the mistakes that would be made in the future is an interesting concept that could easily entice viewers to get hooked on this show. There are many universal themes dealing with the ups and downs of growing up and having to deal with our past and the regrettable mistakes we made that viewer can easily associate with. Themes like the previously mentioned, adds to the reality of the show. However, the designs of the characters are quite formal and uninspiring, which could possibly put viewers off. Furthermore, the attitude the characters have towards each other could be seen as unlikely and impractical as they are excessively nice, especially to the newcomer from the very start. At times during the anime, there are occasional awkward transitions that could possibly impede the flow of the story for the viewers. The animation is also limited and the music is insipid and easily forgettable and hardly suited well for the story. However, the plot is pleasant and not predictable.

As you watch the show, you cannot figure out whether Future Naho is successful with her endeavour to change the past. In addition, if you are a fan of romance anime mixed with the slice of life themes and some dark topics added to the mix, it will be worth watching. A particular heartwarming scene during episode two was when Naho (main heroine) realises that Kakeru (the new transfer student) does not have any lunch and goes through the trouble of preparing lunch for him. This leads to a connection between the two of them, where he open himself to her and talks about his troubled past and heart-wrenching experience of when his mother had committed suicide. After the revelation, Naho then vows to protect Kakeru as a person and try her best to protect his happiness. If you enjoy themes such as a slice of life, romance and friendship, this anime is worth the time to have a look at.

Similar anime include titles such as Ao Haru Ride, in which the character design is similar and it deals with drama and romance. Another worthy anime that is similar is Ore Monogatari that deals with high school friends looking out for each other, however, Ore Monogatari is more comical than Orange. With the anime not having finished airing yet, a true judgment is impossible but from what has been shown so far, it is an entertaining show that can be enjoyed by everyone, especially younger female viewers. As it is a romance anime, viewers are still anticipating a proper romantic bond between the main characters and hopefully in the future episodes to come; a budding romance will bloom and satisfy the need for romance. Orange Preview Video


Voice acting: 8/10
Art Style: 6/10
Music and Sound: 5/10
Story: 8/10
Overall: 7/10

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