Are Japanese People shy or not?

Are the Japanese shy or not?

Is politeness sometimes just misunderstood as being shy?

There is a common misconception that the Japanese people as a whole are shy. To make sure it is just not an invented stereotype we decided to investigate this. Are people from Japan shy? Find out with us.

Let’s create a scenario. Imagine you are walking around town and a German, or an American, an Egyptian or Asian person walks up to you and tries to communicate with you. The person may or may not be versed, or understand little of your Mother Language or English. You both feel awkward hoping that you can cross the communication barrier. You both may even seem shy. If look or are unsure of how to communicate with a stranger it may come across as shy, especially because every nation, creed or colour on this planet of ours have its own etiquette and culture. Some gestures may mean different things like one gesture in India may mean that a person is hungry while the same gesture in Italy means you are angry.

The person may feel self-conscious because of his or her English pronunciation. In Japan, they have the English Language as part of their education in schools, as some of us have even seen in anime in scenes where the protagonist or a classmate had to read from an English textbook. The pronunciation of English and Japanese are very different and while English is taught in Japan, the Japanese rarely get a chance to speak English, thus some of them are not good at speaking English. Thus if you try to speak to a Japanese person, he or she may be afraid to speak in English because the person does not want to make a mistake.

If you think the Japanese are shy or soft spoken then you may be in for a surprise. A great example you may find by visiting shops and restaurants in Japan. You will find the staff constantly welcoming customers with the phrase ‘Irasshaimase’ in their loudest voices possible. Irasshaimase is one of a few Japanese words that mean ‘welcome’ or ‘come in’. They yell it with such vigour that you may think you suddenly stepped into your very own Japanese surprise birthday party!


Meeting new cultures can be a wonderful and soul enriching experience, and if we keep an open mind and not fall into the trap of misconceptions, strong bonds can be created. Are Japanese People shy or not? Just how loud can it get in Japan?

Anime Recommendations

There are quite a lot of shy and or polite anime characters in anime. Aries from Fairy Tail, Hinata from Naruto and Ururu from Bleach to mention a few. There are much more shy or polite characters in anime to explore.

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