Manga Blaze – read manga on your PC and Phone

Manga Blaze – read manga on your PC and Phone

Manga Obsession? Set it ablaze!

Finding the right app to read manga on your phone or PC can be a nightmare but one possible solution is Manga Blaze. The app is a manga reader that has become quite popular on Windows Phone, and now, it is available for Windows 10 devices. What about this app makes it more special than other manga reading apps, you may ask? Let us find the answer to this question by exploring its features.

Many apps allow you to read, organize and keep track of your favourite manga. With Manga Blaze, you just add the manga you love as a favourite, and you get to quickly resume reading where you left off. When new chapters of your Manga choices are available, you get notified. What is more is that if you have limited network availability you can just download your chapters of One Punch Man or whatever Manga you want to read beforehand and read them then offline at your leisure.

The next feature that is quite impressive is that Manga Blaze offers you multiple manga sources (and there are more to come!!!! Here is a list of some of the manga sources:

English: MangaReader, MangaFox, MangaHere, Batoto, GoodManga, KissManga, MangaEden, MangaPanda, Mangable and NineManga!
Italian: MangaEden, Batoto, NineManga
German: Batoto, NineManga
Spanish: MangaHere, Batoto, NineManga
Russian: ReadManga, NineManga
French: Batoto
Portuguese: Batoto, NineManga

You can browse each source and filter the outcome of your search by criteria such as genre, release year, status or alphabetical search. You can check on recently released manga on each of these sources.

Here is a summary of more features that Manga Blaze offers: You have the ability to update your favourites or just a part of them and if in the mood to find a new series you can find them by name or author. You get notified about new releases of your favourite series, making your use of the app more time efficient. Your data is backed up and restored easily as needed, and you can bookmark your pages to get back quickly where you last read your manga.

If you unlock the app (buy the premium version of the app), there will be no more adds, the safe content filter can be disabled, and backgrounds will have custom image access in various parts of the app. The app is free but there are in-app purchases as well. Would you like to download the free app? Then follow this link:

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