Kotatsu, the heater-tables of Japan

Kotatsu, the heater-tables of Japan

Beware the Kotatsu snails!

Japanese houses are cold since most of the regions in the country do not have central heating. To stay warm many people keep warm with a heater or the popular kotatsu. Chances are you have seen one in a Japanese movie or an anime!

Kotatsu, low (knee-high) tables designed to sit on traditional tatami floors. A thick quilt covers them and they have a heater underneath. This interesting Japanese furniture has been around since the 14th century. The more traditional ones use a coal pit that is built into the floor, but modern Kotatsu has an electric heater that is built under the tabletop.

It is often the heart of a household. Family and friends will sit around them and eat their meals, or socialise with drinks or watch television together while enjoying its warmth. You will find them in Japanese-style restaurants and at Ryokan.

There is a type of person that gets into a kotatsu and you only see their heads outside it. They use a computer, read books or watch TV under it. They look like snails and have been named ‘Kotatsu muri’ or a Kotatsu snail. These creatures are lazy, slow and inactive, they are kotatsu-addicts, handle them with care! Be careful, you yourself can turn into one; the power of kotatsu is strong… Your cat and your husband, your wife and son and daughter, no-one is safe….

In this video, we see a group of kids playing around a Kotatsu to keep warm. Please follow our link: http://bit.ly/Kotatsu-and-Kids

There is a time old saying that if you are looking for your cat, you will find it in the warmest and most comfortable spot at your house. Here is a peak under a Kotatsu where a few cats are hiding from the winter cold. Please follow this link: http://bit.ly/Neko-Kotatsu

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