Hīrōbites – Faye Valentine, Bounty Huntress

Hīrōbites – Faye Valentine, Bounty Huntress

Let’s celebrate Faye’s birthday

Faye Valentine is a wanted lady and she has a bounty on her head, but, she is also a bounty hunter and part of the motley crew of the spaceship Bebop. She was born on August 14, 1994, on Earth, and not much is know about her past but it seems this space beauty is originally from Singapore, daughter of well-off parents. What makes her unusual is that she had a happy childhood, had many friends and was a cheerleader, rather strange past for a female bounty hunter. In 2014 (This is the Cowboy Bebop universe) she travelled into space with her parents on their private spacecraft. An accident killed her parents and Faye was severely injured. As her injuries were too severe to treat at the time, she was cryogenically frozen until such a time a cure for her condition was possible.

After fifty-four years she woke up from suspended animation at a clinic called Cold Sleep and found out that she was now deep in debt, 300,028,000 woolongs deep. All she could remember after her long sleep was her name, Faye and the doctor that woke her gave her the surname ‘Valentine.

A lawyer named Whitney Hagas Matsumoto takes pity for her and out of compassion tries to help her, and Faye falls in love with him. When the creditors start looking for her because of her medical debts, Whitney sacrificed himself to make sure she inherits his fortune, sadly and ironically she receives Whitney’s debt on top of her own. As she is a rebel and an anti-heroine she refuses to pay her debts and chooses a life one the run. She becomes a scam artist and if she gets a nice payout from a scam she tries to make a dent in her financial problem, but because of her illegal activities, she soon gets a bounty of 6,000,000 woolongs placed on her pretty head.

How she became part of the crew with Spike Spiegel and Jet Black is amazing, but you will have to watch the anime Cowboy Bebop yourself to find out!

Here is an epic scene from the Cowboy Bebop anime. Spike and Faye have a very special friendship and this scene is the perfect proof of that. Please follow our link: http://bit.ly/Look-Into-My-Eyes-Faye

Spike and Faye Wallpaper (size 1920 x 1080)

Spike and Faye

Spike and Faye

Anime Character Birthdays Week 2 of August

Let’s look at the Anime Character Birthdays for this week. Who knows maybe someone shares a birthday with one of us!

Anime Birthdays (August 08,2016 – August 14, 2016)

August 2016

08 Dilandau Albatou (Vision of Escaflowne), Yzak Jule (Gundam SEED)
09 Hak (Akatsuki no Yona), Dr.Vegapunk (One Piece)
10 Black Dragon (Saint Seiya)
11 Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy 7)
12 Bandit Keith Howard (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
13 Mosuke (Shaman King)
14 Faye Valentine (Cowboy Bebop)

Japanese Holidays

From the 13th to 15th August the festival Obon is celebrated in certain regions in Japan (The other regions celebrate it in July). To find more out about Obon, please follow our link: http://bit.ly/Obon-Festival

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