Charaben Li Syaoran

Charaben Li Syaoran

Li Syaoran –ARTFX J – Card Captor Sakura – 1/7 Pre-Painted Figure

Yesterday we celebrated Li Syaoran’s birthday and today we look at a figurine of the young sorcerer. As mentioned yesterday, Li Syaoran is a well-loved character from Clamp’s manga and anime Card Captor Sakura. He is from a famous clan of sorcerers from Hong Kong and his family believed that HE and not Sakura should capture and use the Clow Cards. We also have new information to share with you about Li Syaoran.

Li Syaoran

Li Syaoran

His clan, the Li-clan are actually distant relatives of Clow Reed, who created the Clow Cards that Li and Sakura are capturing. As fanatiks of the anime may know Li starts out as the antagonist in the series, trying to capture the cards for himself, as the series continues he comes to respect Sakura and becomes her close friend and ally. He also falls in love with her by the third season. He is a major role in capturing some of the cards for Sakura. He has powers similar to her like sensing the Clow Cards and magical auras, is a highly skilled martial artist and of course wields a sword which he used to cast spells with when it is equipped with incantation spells.

Li Syaoran's Sword

Li Syaoran’s Sword

Here is a video of when Sakura and Syaoran meet the first time. Please follow our link:

Name: Li Syaoran –ARTFX J – Card Captor Sakura – 1/7 Pre-Painted Figure
Release Date: May 2015
Size: 230 mm
Material: ABS and PVC
Scale 1/7
Company: Kotobukiya
Sculptor: Yoshinori Itou
Anime/Manga/Game: Card Captor Sakura
Category Anime PVC Figurines

See his garment flowing in the wind ready to strike at foes and to capture a card. Li Syaoran looks bad-ass and impressive. He looks so angry it is kawaii!

Li Syaoran

Li Syaoran

Overall: A passionate 9.75

Paint Job – 9
The figurine’s Paint job amazing. From the colour of his garment to his hair and eyes! Also, the paint job on the base is amazing, nice work on detail, Kotobukiya team!

Sculpting – 10
Brilliantly done, Very kinetic and it makes him look as if he is ready and on the attack.

Design – 9
Fans of Card Captor Sakura will agree that this design is perfect for the figurine, bringing him to life! It is beautiful and very detailed. This is Li Syaoran as we learned to love him in the anime.

Display Worth – 9
It is definitely something to be put on display and to be enjoyed


Li Syaoran has never looked this kawaii and sugoi! He will definitely hold his own standing even next to a Naruto or Sword Art Online figurine. Let’s be honest, we all want one, especially if you are a fan of CLAMP anime House’s work.

For more Information on Li Syaoran, please see our Character birthday article. Here is the link:

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