Charaben Sinon Cai Sith Edition

Charaben Sinon Cait Sith Edition

Sinon (Shinon) Cait Sith Version – Taito

We all met Sinon in the Phantom Bullet Arc of Sword Art Online Season 2. She showed some great VRMMO game playing skills in both the Gun Gale Online and Alfheim Online games. In Gun Gale Online her nickname is ‘Hecate thanks to her ultra rare PGM Ultima Ratio Hecate II sniper rifle. Her real name is Asada Shino and she started to play Gun Gale Online to overcome her fear of guns. After Gun Gale Online, she started playing Alfheim Online choosing the Cait Sith archer as her race and class respectively.

Sinon Trivia

1.Her visual acuity in real life for both eyes are 2.0 (20/10) which means she is twice as good as the average person. Her glasses in the anime are not prescription nor to correct her eyesight. She actually became a ‘glasses-girl’ in the story because the light novel illustrator noticed that there is a ‘too low glasses factor’ in the story and suggested that Sinon must wear glasses in the story. The idea became ‘SAO canon’.
2.Asuna nicknamed her ‘Sinonon.”
3.Sino desires to be a policewoman one day.

Sinon (Shinon) Cait Sith Version

Sinon (Shinon) Cait Sith Version

Name: Sinon (Shinon) Cait Sith Version – Taito
Release Date: 2016-04-30
Size: 17 cm
Weight: 500.0 g
Material: ABS, PVC
Anime/Manga/Game: Sword Art Online
Brand: Taito
Category Anime PVC Figurines

We see Sinon as her Alfheim Online Cait Sith avatar. She is dressed in dark green clothing with yellow highlights and a white chest plate, and a black choker. She is wielding her bow. She has a kawaii pair of ears and a tail, matching her icy-blue hair.

Overall: An admirable 8.5

Paint Job – 8
The Paint Job is decently done. It reflects the colours from the anime well.

Sculpting – 9
They did a nice job with the sculpting. The figurine is well proportioned and balanced.

Design – 8
The design is very kawaii, but the pose could have been a tad better. Great job, though, Taito.

Display Worth – 9
She will look just adorable with Leafa and Asuna by her side, won’t she?


Put her in a different pose and she will be magic. Taito did a good job to be fair but the character has so much promised another pose would have been great. (Maybe not an overly sexy pose, though, because we know it is not the way Sinon are, but with some imagination something greater could have been created.) That being said, it is still a fine piece of work. Well done, Taito team.

Here is a funny video where Kirito pulls Sinon’s tail. Please follow our link:

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