Charaben Luffy Gear 4

Charaben Luffy Gear 4

Monkey D. Luffy – Gear 4 (Gear Fourth) – Scultures

Monkey D Luffy, captain of the Straw Hat Pirates from One Piece. He appeared originally for the first time in the One Piece manga’s first chapter and in the One Piece anime series’ first episode. He is on a mission to find the One Piece, a fabled treasure and aim to become the pirate king. A motley crew of unique pirates faithfully supports him.

He ate the Gomu Gomu no mi (Gum-Gum Devil’s fruit) and it gave him the power over rubber. His powers are similar to that of Mr. Fantastic from the Fantastic Four and Elongated Man from the Justice League. He is impulsive and so chaotic that his own crew is sometimes in a daze because of his antics. His is also very addicted to meat.

Name: Monkey D. Luffy – Gear 4 (Gear Fourth) – SCultures
Release Date: 2016-05-31
Size: 16 cm
Weight: 500.0 g
Material: ABS and PVC
Brand: SCultures Banpresto
Anime/Manga/Game: One Piece
Category Prepainted



This figurine is based on Luffy’s Gear 4 ability. This ability, which he learned during the time skip when he fought giant creatures on Rusukaina, is so new that we have only just learned about it in the last arc or two of anime. Ban Presto released quite a few One Piece figurines but this one is very different. Luffy looks very frightening and the touch of red like his Busōshoku Haki is translated well into the figurine.

Overall: A strict 7.5

Paint Job – 7
The paint job is not bad but the red scar on his chest does not translate well. There have been better figurines of Luffy where the scar is more in-line with the anime.

Sculpting – 8
The sculpting is fairly nice. The face looks quite scary. The body proportions of the Gear 4 ability are well done.

Design – 8
Nice design, it appeals to diehard One Piece figurine collectors, looking for a second or third Luffy figurine. The design has potential but it feels as if there is something missing.

Display Worth – 7
It depends, on the one hand, the figurine may appeal to certain fanatiks on the other hand, collectors might want a figurine of Luffy in his normal mode.




The concept of this figurine is great but if you are just starting on a One Piece figurine collection this might not the first Luffy figurine you would want for your collection. It is not bad, but it is more a figurine that is for a certain type of collector looking for a figurine like this.

Spoiler alert: Here is a scene from Episode 726 with Luffy in Gear 4 fighting Doflamingo. Please follow our link:

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