Tree of Savior brings you anime-style gaming

Tree of Savior brings you anime-style gaming

Tree of Savior boast with advanced 80 classes!

Tree of Savior is a free anime-style massively multiplayer online role-playing game. IMC Games’ Kim Hakkyu who is also known as the creator of the MMORPG Ragnarog Online developed it. Tree of Savior is based on traditional Lithuanian culture and myths.

Tree of Savior

Tree of Savior

The game boasts phenomenal music, great maps full of colour and detail and it all looks hand-drawn, simple and fun questing, 4 base classes which branch out making 80 different classes. It has an amazing atmosphere that can bring you to ‘Ragnarok Onlinesque nostalgia’ and really get you in the playing spirit. The Tree of Savior team really believes in that ‘ancient MMO philosophy’ of adding content regularly to keep the game alive and the Tree of Savior junkies happy.

When starting the game you have a choice between 4 basic classes the Swordsman, Archer, Mage and the Cleric and at level 15 the first advanced class becomes available. You have 2 experience bars; one for your class and one for your level and when they fill up you get a point for skill and stats. The stats are very basic and give you that RPG feel: STR, DEX, INT, SPI, and CON.

Tree of Savior

Tree of Savior

It all sounds too good to be true so let’s look further into the game. In Character Creation, you can choose your character’s gender and hairstyle. Sadly you cannot choose hair colors, body types, face types, skin colors nor clothing colors. Everything is sold to you in a cash shop because hey, we want your cash. If you want to look good give us the money!

The game boasts an evil crafting system that might not be likable to some players. Let’s explain why. Now the crafting works normally as in many other MMORPGS – You can buy recipes, find them in the wild and on quests, then you get your materials for the item of the recipe to craft it, sound normal right? Here is the punch line and it may hurt: The recipe IS AN INGREDIENT! Once you use that recipe it is gone, so if you need to make more of a certain item you first have to buy it, or find it in the wild or hope you can redo the quest to get said recipe back. Oh, the recipe is listed in your journal but that is all. You will have to go grind to get to your recipe again…

There are other issues with the game according to some players. The FPS constantly shutters and can dip to below 10 FPS. It can lag constantly and there are still glitches that must be addressed and fixed. Lets look at the games Pros and Cons:

-Custom Classes
-Good Graphics

-Bugs & Glitches
-FPS Stutters
-Pay Only Customization
-Bad Crafting System
-Can’t Buyback Items from Shops
-Very bad skill upgrade system
-Obvious Cash Grabbing
-Gold Spammers & Bots
-Very Grindy

All the Pros and Cons aside the game is updated regularly and the game is fairly new It was only fully released internationally in May 2016. Given time we are sure all these problems will be fixed. Until then, why not try it out, you may just like it and besides the anime graphics really makes it a great reason to give it a go.

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