Yugi Muto, kindhearted duelist

Yugi Muto, kindhearted duelist

Let’s celebrate Yugi Muto’s birthday

Kind-hearted and childlike Yugi Muto, the main character from the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga and anime, a genius at riddles and puzzles and the game Duel Monsters. Together with the spirit of the pharaoh Atem he holds the title ‘King of Games’. He owns the 3000-year-old Millenium Puzzle, which gives him the ability to be a host for the spirit of Yami Yugi.

Yami Yugi resides in Yugi’s body because Yugi solved the Millennium Puzzle, and takes over Yugi’s body in times of danger when Yugi and his friend face dire situations. When Yami is in control of Yugi’s body he looks slightly different like the eyes are drawn more manly, while Yugi has big ‘girlish’ eyes when he has control of his own body. Yami Yugi is a formidable duelist and a genius. He also is very open-minded always listening to Yugi if Yugi offers him advice. Their relationship is a strong symbiotic friendship.

Yugi lives with his grandfather, Solomon Muto and his mother and Yugi shares a deep friendship with his best friends Joey Wheeler, Tristan Taylor, Téa Gardner and Bakura Ryou. They always cheer the young duelist on and sometimes duel at his side. Yugi’s favourite card in his deck is the ‘Dark Magician’. Here is some trivia about the Dark Magician card. Please follow our link: http://bit.ly/Dark-Magician-Card-Trivia

Here are ten Yugi quotes from the anime, please follow our link: http://bit.ly/Yugi-Moto-Quotes

Yugi Muto Wallpaper (size 1920 x 1080)

Yugi Muto

Yugi Muto

Anime Character Birthdays Week 5 of May/ week 1 of June

Let’s look at the Anime Character Birthdays for this week. Who knows maybe someone shares a birthday with one of us!

Anime Birthdays (May 30,2016 – June 05, 2016)

May 2016
30 Gemini Saga (Saint Seiya)
31 Sylia Stingray (Bubble Gum Crisis)

June 2016
01 Yuuna Akashi (Negima)
02 Rob Lucci (One Piece)
03 Momo Hinamori (Bleach)
04 Yuugi Mutou (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
05 Number 65 (D.Gray-man)

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