Charaben James & Meowth from Pokémon

Charaben James & Meowth from Pokémon

G.E.M. Pokémon James & Meowth

“To protect the world from devastation! To unite all people within our nation! To denounce the evils of truth and love! To extend our reach to the stars above! Jessie! James! Team Rocket; blast off at the speed of light! Surrender now or prepare to fight! Meowth, that’s right!” These are words that will be very familiar to hardened Pokémon Fanatiks. It is words we have all heard almost every episode as Jesse and James try to steal Pikachu from Ash in virtually every episode of Pokémon.

James and Meowth

James and Meowth

People may ask, why watch Pokémon if you know this is going to happen almost every episode? Maybe because like a certain Roadrunner and Wile E Coyote cartoon it is a running gag in the series you can get addicted too. Children and adults alike sat in front of the television chanting the ‘Team Rocket Motto’ with Jesse, James, and Meowth when they appeared in one of their signature poses. James, usually, with a rose in his hand.




James is 25 years old man in the series; he has green eyes and an icy violet hair colour. He is the only child born into a very rich family and received all the education and privileges of being born as the son of millionaires, but he grew tired of the upper-class lifestyle. He also was engaged at a certain stage to a lady named Jessebelle but as he noticed how controlling and overbearing she was he ran away leaving even his beloved pet Growlie the Growlithe behind. After that, he first joined a bridge bike gang, and during that time he enrolled at the Pokémon Tech, where he met Jesse. Jesse and James left the Bridge Bike Gang eventually, joined Team Rocket, and there they started to team up with the talking Meowth Pokémon named Meowth.

James Trivia:

James sometimes like to cross-dress as we have seen in the series, like in the episode Dressed for Jess Success. He also likes to cosplay celebrities like Professor Oak or dress as pokémon. He is also a collector of rare bottle caps and owns an impressive collection of them. We have also seen that James easily gets swindled by Magikarp salesmen (Magikarp is practically useless until they evolve). A running gag in the anime involves James’ grass-type pokémon hurting him in a show of affection; we all remember Victreebel trying to swallow him when it is called from its Poké Ball, Cacnea hugging James around the neck or waist, driving the spikes on its arms into James, and Carnivine is constantly getting a death grip on James’s head with its mouth.


Being officially the first talking pokémon to appear in the anime, Meowth is sort-off a mascot-type member of the team. He is different from all the other Meowth (and most other pokémon) in that he can talk and he walks upright on two legs like a human. At some time in his travels, Meowth arrived in Hollywood where he became part of a Meowth gang which was led by a Persian. One day he came across a female Meowth named Meowzie and fell in love. He tried to impress her but she rejected him because he was poor and she was into humans. Meowth attempted to make himself more human, he started to walk upright like a human and self-taught himself to speak the human language, thinking that maybe then she would love him. Sadly when he approached her again she rejected him again calling him a freak. With his heart broken, Meowth remembered the first human word he was able to understand ‘rocket’ and it inspired him to join Team Rocket.

Meowth is an ambitious, conniving idealist. His main goal is to please Giovanni and he will stop at nothing to capture or steal useful or rare pokémon to give to Giovanni. He is quite an amorous pokémon and during the anime, we have seen him falling in love with Meowzie, Cassandra (a human herbalist), May’s Skitty, Mamie’s Glameow and quite a few more.

Name: G.E.M. Pokemon James & Meowth
Release Date: 20-05-2016
Size: 120 mm (James) 72 mm (Meowth)
Weight: 550 g (Packed), 250 g
Material: ABS PVC
Manufacturer: Megahouse (G.E.M. Series)
Anime/Manga/Game: Pokémon
Category Prepainted

Ready to ‘blast off at the speed of light’ our anti-heroes pose to announce themselves, getting ready to pull one of their schemes to kidnap Pikachu again. James is dressed in the standard white outfit with the signature red ‘R’ with a gleeful Meowth at his side.

James and Meowth

James and Meowth

Overall: A nuclear 9 out of 10

Paint Job – 10
The paint job is really slick. It looks anime-perfect.

Sculpting – 8
Greatly detailed, especially the Meowth figurine, however his tail looks a bit frail as if it can snap off easily due to someone’s carelessness. James look super sugoi!

Design – 9
Very sharp design and the mid-performance pose is adorable. It is a pity they did not include Jesse’s signature rose-in-the-mouth routine, but they probably wanted to give his figurine a clear face.

Display Worth – 9
Pokémon may not be for everyone, but this figurine is perfect for the pokémon connoisseur.


Prepare for travel as this duo may just chram their way into your collection. This Charaben is rather pricey but hey it is James and Meowth, legends to many fanatiks that grew up with the anime. And they ARE popular, there are over 700 episodes of the pokémon anime and the anime is still going strong. With Ash, Misty, Jesse, and Wobbuffet figurines (from Megahouse’ G.E.M. series of course) already out there, this duo is part of an ever-growing collection. We hope they bring out a Brock figurine out as well, soon.

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