Charaben Naruto Sexy Jutsu Edition

Charaben Naruto Sexy Jutsu Edition

Naruto Uzumaki – Sexy Jutsu / Oiroke no Jutsu – G.E.M. Series

As all fanatiks of the Naruto anime knows, Uzumaki Naruto is the star of the Naruto Manga and the Naruto and Naruto Shippuden anime series. He appeared in Chapter 1, in the Naruto manga and in Episode 1 in the Naruto anime. We have seen this young shinobi grow from a young prankster to a hero that his village looks up to. But there is something a bit interesting about that fact. One of his most elaborate jutsu’s invented by Naruto is the very provocative, capturing and nosebleed causing jutsu called the Sexy Jutsu.

Naruto's Sexy Jutsu

Naruto’s Sexy Jutsu

This sexy technique is a variant of the Transformation Technique and it transforms its user into either a naked woman with clouds of mists at her private areas, or in a very alluring bikini or outfit and usually in a seductive posture. Naruto created this technique to win over the enemy (but actually mostly his friends and mentors) over with sex appeal and as a jutsu of distraction, it works very well. Successful attempts of this Jutsu cause exaggerated nosebleeds, and often they fly off into the air with said nosebleed like a rocket. Konohamaru, Naruto’s ‘rival-slash-student’ uses the jutsu to impress Naruto. This technique can be highly effective, since the more perverted the victim is, the greater the results of the technique.

You may remember that after Naruto returned to the leaf village in Naruto Shippuuden after being in training with Jiraiya, he bragged that he has developed the ‘new-and-improved’ Sexy Jutsu, but Sakura punched him into the distance before Naruto had a chance to perform his new jutsu.

Name: Naruto Uzumaki – Sexy Jutsu / Oiroke no Jutsu – G.E.M. Series
Release Date: 2016-11-30
Height: 22 cm
Weight: 800.0 g
Material: P.V.C, ABS
Scale: 1/8
Brand: Megahouse G.E.M. Series
Anime/Manga/Game: Naruto Shippuden

Another of Megahouse’s brilliant G.E.M. figurine collections, they bring us an interesting version of Naruto. This figurine is inspired by the ‘Shippuuden” edition of Naruto’s Sexy Jutsu, which caused a lot of funny moments in the anime. This version shows our hero (or is that heroine?) as a scantily clad beauty in a devilish costume posing on the ground.

Naruto's Sexy Jutsu

Naruto’s Sexy Jutsu

Overall: A Super Kawaii 10

Paint Job – 10
The paint job is so well done it might just cause a nosebleed. Look at the way the hair is shaded and becomes lighter toward the tips. And the beautiful shine to her… ummmm his clothes. Those beautiful eyes and lips…

Sculpting – 10
The sculpting is so expertly executed, it looks as if Naruto’s jutsu is coming to life.

Design – 10
It was A brilliant move from the design team to base a figurine off this ninja technique. If you watched Naruto from the beginning you might agree that this figurine embodies Naruto’s jutsu. It is sexy and seductive just like the jutsu.

Display Worth – 10
If you are a serious Naruto Fanatik this figurine might just possibly be a must to add to your display.

This figurine will probably be sold out yesterday because not only is it extremely kawaii but it is also a reminder of great and hilarious scenes in the anime. Who can forget the time he used his sexy Jutsu on the Third Hokage, or the time he used it on Ebisu-sensei! This sexy jutsu figurine is dangerously seductive; it wants you to have it in your collection.

Want to see the dangerous jutsu. Follow our video link to see the damage it can cause:

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