The Red Turtle (La Tortue rouge) preview is here!

The Red Turtle (La Tortue rouge) preview is here!

The Red Turtle soon to debut at Cannes Film Festival

It is something that reminds us of the old silent movies, which were basically black-and-white movies without dialogue. The Red Turtle is a Japanese/French movie directed by Michaël Dudok de Wit, which is co-produced by everybody’s favourite anime movie studio, Studio Ghibli. The movie, like the silent movies of old, has no dialogue.

The movie chronicles the tale of a shipwrecked man on a deserted island. He attempts to build a raft to escape but is prevented in his efforts by a mysterious red turtle. This intriguing movie is set to debut at the Cannes Film Festival on May 18th. It will premiere in France on June 29th and in Japan on September 17th.

This movie will be Dudok de Wit’s first theatrical length film. He is an animator with Dutch/British origins and won an Academy award for his short film, Father and Daughter in 2000. Another first is that this is the first time that Studio Ghibli is co-producing a work of Western animation.

The Red Turtle, produced by Why Not Productions, Wild Bunch as well as Studio Ghibli has more interesting facts about it. It seems Vincent Maraval, the head of Wild Bunch, visited Studio Ghibli in Japan in 2008 and met with Hayao Miyazaki. It was Miyazaki that showed Maraval the short movie Father and Daughter by Michaël Dudok de Wit and asked Maraval to find Dudok de Wit because he wanted to co-produce a movie with him. Dudok de Wit was approached in London and convinced to take part in the project (which was probably not difficult, because who does NOT want to work with Studio Ghibli and Miyazaki, they are giants in animation). The Red Turtle’s screenplay was written by Dudok de Wit and Pascale Ferran.

Here is a preview of the movie, and you will see that there are something very interesting happening in the trailer. Studio Ghibli is known for stepping outside the box when producing movies and this trailer shows why they chose to take this movie on with a Western director. Please follow our link, and have a look!

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