The Anime Guide for Newbies

The Anime Guide for Newbies

A Newbies Guide of Anime They Can Get Into

With thousands of different anime series out there and in so many different styles, genres, and sub-genres, where does one even start? Everyone out there is different; when it comes to interests and ideas of how things should be like.’ There are also so many sites out there that have their own picks of what they think you should watch. Some people would like some Sci-fi or some that would prefer more romance in their lives or even some really cool fantasy with magic and excitement. Luckily, this list comprises of a few different styles of Anime that are considered the favorites amongst many Anime Fanatics out there, which makes this a quick and easy way for you to find out what you like for yourself. With so much to watch, this new hobby will keep you busy and open your mind to ideas from a very different way of telling stories that we Westerners are so used to. And for those that want to try to get your friends into Anime; these specially picked shows should gain most people’s interest. Just remember, there is so much more out there that you can see that isn’t in this guide!


1. Clannad

Starting with the easy and romantic anime is ‘Clannad’. This particular romantic anime ‘with all the feels’, is the story about a boy named Tomoya who is considered a delinquent in school. He then meets a girl named Nagisa who wanders around alone as she was held back a year due to illness. Tomoya decides to help guide her to achieve her dream of reopening the drama club in their school and this leads to them spending more and more time together. He also meets a bunch of other girls in which things get immensely complicated – they all fall in love with him! This series might make you shed a few tiny little tears, but you will laugh at times.



2. Fairy Tail

This is the only ongoing anime in this guide; since it has very few (if any) fillers in-between story arcs. That makes it a much easier anime for a newbie to get addicted to, yes – ‘addicted to’. So, if you love your fantasy and magic type of stories, this one is definitely for you! With some serious action sequences and some heartfelt moments that are set in a world with wizards, Lucy Heartfillia arrives in Magnolia Town to join the famous guild known as Fairy Tail. She then embarks on many adventures with fellow guild members such as the powerful and wacky Natsu, who is known as a dragon-slayer type of wizard. The story has so many colourful and wonderful characters that get themselves into all sorts of trouble and they will still steal your heart!


Onegai Teacher

3. Onegai Teacher

This one has quite a strange story line, but it is heartfelt none-the-less. Kusanagi Kei finds out that a teacher at his school is actually an alien of sorts. What makes it an interesting story is he is forced to marry her so that he can protect her secrets from everyone else, which creates many weird situations for an average high school student to be in.


Fullmetal Alchemist

4. Fullmetal Alchemist

There are actually two versions of this Manga adapted anime series, this one and one known as ‘Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood’. Brotherhood is much longer and more true to the manga. But both are great in their own way, so let’s just carry on with the original Anime series for this guide. This very deep and complex story starts with two brothers Alfonso and Edward, whose mother had died. Being alone (since their father had abandoned them many years before) they decide to attempt bringing their mother back to life using Alchemy. This goes so terribly wrong (let’s face it, it was a dreadful idea) that they now journey to gain more knowledge in the hopes to be able to restore themselves with their original body parts during a time that the world is facing a great war. This anime will draw your attention and eat your soul with all its depth, with themes such as the importance of human life, brotherhood and the fate of humanity. And with that said, there are some great moments that will make you laugh to break off from the tension.

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5. Hellsing

This one is quite the classic, and a definite must watch for all newbies who enjoy their vampires and horror. Hellsing is dark and grungy with a slightly different perspective to your average vampire story – you won’t find any glittering vampires in this one! The story follows Seras Victoria, a policewoman who unexpectedly joins the Hellsing organization. This organization has a very old and very powerful vampire named Alucard (who just looks bad ass) as their very own and tamed vampire to fight the forces of evil. If you are not a fan of the dark horror type of stuff, then move on to the next entry in the guide.


Fullmetal Panic!

6. Full Metal Panic!

For a much lighter and still action packed anime, there is Full Metal Panic! This is considered a ‘Mecha’ anime since it has giant human-controlled robots fighting each other. It found its way on this list with its very special story of a military teenager from the special organization known as Mithril who gets assigned to protect a girl named Kaname Chidori. Soususke Sagara is a military sergeant with immense skill and knowledge on the battlefield, who now has to protect an innocent girl from being captured. The catch is – Sousuke now has to blend in with High school students and not let his identity be known. This is quite action packed but full of light-hearted comedy and the coming of age students.


Samurai Champloo

7. Samurai Champloo

Here is something completely different – a martial arts anime with quite a big hip hop influence. One samurai with a sword fighting style, which includes a very wacky break dancing and upbeat way to kick some ass who is known as Mugen and his rival Jin, who practices a way more disciplined and traditional style of sword fighting are saved by Fuu, a waitress whose restaurant the two destroyed while fighting and they had been arrested for. Her life’s ultimate goal is one to find a mysterious warrior. If you enjoyed ‘Samurai Jack’, then this blend of styles will grab your attention almost instantly.


Last Exile

8. Last Exile

If you are into flying ships and steam punk, here is a one with pretty a deep story. The intricate tale follows a pilot and his navigator that get thrust into a war when they find a little girl named Alvis. The war and philosophy of the story are very much based on Chess with its innuendos and metaphors which are pretty awesome.


Stein's Gate

9. Stein’s Gate

This series is difficult to explain without giving too much away. A couple of university students happen across a time machine that they use to stop some evil doers. It is one of those ‘you have to use your brain’ type story, after all, time travel can get ridiculously confusing if you don’t pay attention!  It is deep and intriguing all the way through while you try and figure things out. So test out how smart you are with this one!



10. Trigun

One Anime that cannot be left out of this guide – Trigun. A futuristic tale of the notorious outlaw Vash the Stampede with the largest price ever on his head! The wacky antics of this amazing Gunman and his very dark past will draw you into the story, you will laugh and you will cry and the action will put you on the edge of your seat!



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