Bento Bites - Assassination Classroom & Hanami

Bento Bites – Assassination Classroom & Hanami

More Assassination Classroom Extracurricular Lessons

Join us as we bring you more updates and information on Assassination Classroom and also share a video on Sakura trees at an interesting angle.

Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom’s second season premiered in January and its final arc is set to start with the 15th episode of season 2. Today Docomo’s dTV revealed that it would stream the second season of Assassination Classroom’s ‘Extracurricular Lesson’ episodes from April 29th. The first season premiered in March and had four five-minute-long episodes. The new season will follow the same format.

The 15th episode of Assassination Classroom will also premiere the anime’s new opening and end theme. Voice actors of several characters perform the opening: Nagisa (Mai Fuchigami), Kayano (Aya Suzaki), Karma (Nobuhiko Okamoto), Isogai (Ryota Ohsaka), and Maehara (Shintarō Asanuma) and the song is titled Bye Bye Yesterday. The ending song will be performed by Shion Miyawaki and is titled song “Mata Kimi ni Aeru Hi” (The Day When I Can Meet You Again).


Sakura Trees

Sakura Trees

A Bird’s Eye view of Sakura trees in bloom

For a multitude of Japanese and foreigners alike one of the nicest past times is to stretch out a blue mat under a Sakura tree and watch the blossoms and get lost in their beauty. (In Japan the viewing of Sakura blossoms is called Hanami) The view from above can be just as spectacular but if there is no building nearby that privilege is mostly that of birds.

A Tokyo-based filmmaker, Yasunori Iwamoto decided to give us all a Bird’s eye view of Sakura trees in bloom using a drone! Here is a video of footage he took at the Meguro River. To see bird’s eye view of Sakura trees with us, please follow this link:

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