Japanese Police crashes crime

Japanese Police Crashes Crime

Even the smallest crimes the Japanese Police will take on

Visitors to Japan sometimes have the strangest notion that the Japanese police are non-threatening and ineffective. They maybe see all the officers patrolling on bicycles, or the small policing vehicles or they look at the cute logos (The Japanese love cuteness) and wonder how threatening and imposing the police really can be. They also don’t understand the small police stations at every major intersection in the cities.

Actually, these first impressions are totally wrong. The police departments of the Japanese are large, military-style organizations skillfully designed to counteract organized crime as well as radical political groups and other threats. A scary fact of the Japanese police that you may not know is that you can be held for interrogation for 23 days without being charged, without bail being offered and without legal representation. And if you are a foreigner and you think that your Embassy can get you out of this, you are highly mistaken. Your Embassy is powerless against the strong-arm of the law. It is no wonder then that a large percentage of the accused decide to confess their crimes during the 23-day interrogation period.

The Japanese Police are doing a great job, as Japan has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. Let’s look at the world’s largest police force, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police. The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Force consists of 43,273 police officers and 3, 095 part-time officers. (New York is second biggest with 36,000 police officers and Honk Kong third with 28,191 police Officers). Also, The Tokyo Police Department has more officers than the FBI has sworn in agents!

Tokyo police officers take even small crimes very serious and will eagerly try to solve the crime, even if something small is stolen. No crime is too small for them. They like to maintain high visibility in the community to make the citizens feel safe. Also, Tokyo is known for holding festivals regularly and as such a huge police force is a very good thing to have.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Force even created an 11-minute dramatization to showcase their efficiency. The video is fun to watch and even a little hilarious at times and features real officers as the actors. The first part is in Japanese with English subtitles and the second part, which contains a few episodes-in-one featuring enactments of the Police versus several crimes, is all in English. Please follow our link to watch the highly entertaining movie: http://bit.ly/Tokyo-Police-enactment-Movie

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