Leorio, the medical Hunter

Leorio, the medical Hunter

Let’s meet Leorio Pradinight

In Hunter x Hunter, Leorio is a rookie hunter and medical student. He is also a member of the Zodiacs, codenamed ‘Boar’. In the anime, we meet him at age 19, a tall, muscular young man with brown eyes, black hair and a spiked crew cut. He looks older than his age and despite being a teenager his young friends thought that he was ‘an old man’. He likes dressing in a dark blue business suit with black shoes and a pair of tea shade sunglasses.

Initially, he came across as a selfish and narcissistic person that is obsessed with wealth, later we learn that he needs that money in order to become a doctor to help the poor. He is driven by that goal because he lost a dear friend in his childhood because they could not afford the money to help the friend. He is a loyal, trustworthy, empathic person and often acts as the big brother of his friendship circle.

Leorio trivia:
Leorio’s name is a combination of two words, an amalgamation of ‘paladin and ‘knight’. He is the first person that Gon meets in Hunter x Hunter. It is interesting to note that in 2013 Miss Universe Japan said that Leorio is her type!

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Hunter x Hunter wallpaper (size 1920 x 1080)

Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter

Anime Character Birthdays Week 1 of March

Let’s look at the Anime Character Birthdays for this week. Who knows maybe someone shares a birthday with one of us!

Anime Birthdays (February 29, 2016 – March 06, 2016)

February 2016
28 Kabuto Yakushi (Naruto)

March 2016
01 Nicol Amarfi (Gundam SEED)
02 Sanji (One Piece)
03 Misa Hayase (Macross), Leorio (Hunter x Hunter)
04 Kyoko Sasgawa (Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn)
05 Kyoko Sasagawa/ Young Lady (Jura Tripper)
06 Michiru Kaio / Sailor Neptune (Sailor Moon)

Japanese Holidays and Festivals

On the 3rd of March it is Hina Matsuri. Please follow our link to learn more of this Japanese festival: http://bit.ly/Hina-Matsuri

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