Flushing the myths

Flushing the myths: The Japanese Toilet

Flushing made easy

Japan, the Land of The Rising Sun, where interesting technologies like robots are real, where even trees can float, thanks to their advanced scientific minds. Toilets are no exception to the wonders of Japanese technology. You may wonder why AnimeFanatika talks about toilets, well we explore everything Japanese and anime. Toilets have featured in anime like Golden Boy and Yami Shibai, which make it an interesting subject to explore.

May Westerners visiting Japan find the high-tech toilets in their hotels intimidating because some works with controls (even remote controls) and have more buttons than a television remote control but many have returned from Japan saying that they wish we had the same technology here. It seems that once you flush the Japanese way you are hooked.

The modern Japanese toilet, known as the Washlet in Japan may look like a Western toilet but it has a lot of additional features which include seat heating, blow drying, massage options, automatic lid opening, water jet adjustments, automatic flushing, wireless control panel, room heating, room air conditioning and many more. It features a pencil-sized nozzle that comes out from underneath the toilet that spouts water. The nozzle has two settings: One for washing the anus and the other to wash the vulva. All the user has to do is to select the corresponding button to his or her needs. This nozzle is self-cleaning and it cleans itself before and after its job is done. And of course, if you prefer toilet paper, toilet paper is also included next to the toilet for those who find the spraying of water on body parts in a toilet a bit weird.

Another nice feature is that some toilets play classical music to relax its user, creating a relaxing environment. Think that is sugoi? Well, some of the newest features to ‘the throne’ is that some have medical sensors that can measure your blood sugar based on your urine, as well as your pulse, blood pressure and body fat content! The scary part is that this data can be sent to a doctor through a built-in internet-capable technology in the future!

Japanese Washlet toilets are but one type of toilet in Japan, and who knows maybe the rest of the world will catch on. Here is a video that explores these toilets in greater detail. Please follow our link: http://bit.ly/Amazing-Japanese-Toilet

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