More than Food – Japanese Themed Cafés

More than Food – Japanese Themed Cafés

We look at more themed cafés in Japan

In Japan visiting themed cafés are more than just eating food. Some of these cafes are an experience that must not be missed. As you remember we talked about maid cafés a while back. There are many types of cafés such as butler or even samurai-themed cafés and the waiters and waitresses must role-play their part to enhance the visitor’s experience. Other themed cafés are more activity based where you can partake in activities like petting animals. Today we look at a few themed cafés.

The Butler Café

The scene: You return to ‘your mansion’. A butler shows you to your table, serves tea and food. You can have him read ‘your schedule’ for the day.

The butlers make the people feel at home and if you think they just apply and get the job, think again, these lads have to endure a two-month training course to become a butler at the butler cafe.

Here is a video that shows you how a butler café looks inside, please follow our link:

The same café even created a music video called Cinderella Moon, Please follow our link:

The Vampire Café

The scene: You enter a hallway carpeted with a carpet that looks like a river of blood cells. As you enter the chamber, you see deep red curtains draped everywhere. A vampire appears as if from nowhere and leads you to your… table. You ignore the coffins. Tonight YOU eat….

Here are two videos showing you the inside of the vampire-themed café. Please follow the links:

Video 1:
Video 2:

Animal-themed Cafés

In Japan, there are various animal-themed cafés where people can go to pet cats, dogs and Rabbits. But wait there are more – there are owl and reptile-themed cafés. Please, follow these links and explore the various animal-themed café’s with us.

Cat Café:
Rabbit Café:
Reptile Café:
Owl Café:

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