Yami Yugi the powerful King of Games

Charaben Yami Yugi

Yami Yugi – ARTFX J – Re-Release

Some of you will remember the days when you rushed home after school to watch Yu-Gi-Oh! waiting with shiny eyes to see if Yugi is going to use his Dark Magician to kick Kaiba’s attitude to the curb. Sometimes when Yugi Muto faced a really evil or bad enemy, a spirit that inhabited his body named Yami Yugi came forward to deal with the enemy.

Yami Yugi

Yami Yugi

Yami Yugi (Or Dark Yugi in the manga) is also known as the Nameless Pharaoh. He is the spirit of the Pharoah Atem that was sealed into the Millennium Puzzle. Together with Yugi they hold the title as ‘King of Games’ thanks to winning Duelist Kingdom, Battle City, the Grand Championship and even Battle City V2.

Yami Yugi resides in Yugi’s body because Yugi solved the Millennium Puzzle, and takes over Yugi’s body in times of danger when Yugi and his friend face dire situations. When Yami is in control of Yugi’s body he looks slightly different like the eyes are drawn more manly, while Yugi has big ‘girlish’ eyes when he has control of his own body. Yami Yugi is a formidable duelist and a genius. He also is very open-minded always listening to Yugi if Yugi offers him advice. Their relationship is a strong symbiotic friendship.

Yami Yugi

Yami Yugi

Name: Yami Yugi – ARTFX J – Re-Release
Release Date: 2016-06-30
Size: 24.0 cm
Material: PVC ABS
Scale: 1/7
Anime/Manga/Game: Yu-Gi – Oh Duel Monsters
Artist: Shirahige Tsukuru
Brand: Kotobukiya ARTFX J
Category: Anime PVC Figurines

Duel master Yami Yugi looks ready to duel and with his removable accessories like a card duel disk and his cape-like jacket you can experiment with how you want your figurine to look on display. You can almost hear that famous dueling song playing in the background…

Overall: A ‘fanatikal’ 9.75

Paint Job – 10
The paint job is perfect and the choice of colours is perfect.

Sculpting – 9
Brilliant job on the sculpting, making Yami Yugi look quite ready to take on Kaiba or Pegasus. The pose makes one think that maybe that is a trump card in that hand….

Design – 10
It is a beautifully detailed figurine. The fine detail on the Millennium Puzzle, wore on a chain around Yami’s neck, as well as his very famous and crazy looking multi-colored hair spikes.

Display Worth – 10
This Yami Yugi is a well worth figurine to have on display, especially if you are ‘fanatikal’ about the anime and the game and just have to have them all.

Yami Yugi

Yami Yugi


It seems this King of Games is just begging to be part of your collection. Bear in mind that this is a re-release meaning it sold out faster than a ticket to a U2 Concert if you catch my drift. This one we suspect will be sold out fast, it is excellently crafted and everyone into collecting Yu-Gi-Oh! Figurines will jump to have this one. If you plan to hunt this one down, we are rooting for you.

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