BLEACH Brave Souls, Now you can Bankai!!!!

BLEACH Brave Souls, Now you can Bankai!!!!

Bleach Brave Souls to be released in English!!!

Are you Fanatikal about Bleach? Did you watch the anime and manga and crave for more? Well, then we have news for you. KLabGames released a hack-and-slash game made for iOS and Android named BLEACH Brave Souls. It launched in Japan in July and already has more than 7 million downloads.

Now KLabGames, also know for games like Crystal Fantasia are on their way to launch an English-language version. The game’s theme song is ‘Pandemonium’ by Okinawan alternative rock outfit Hello Sleepwalkers. BLEACH Brave Souls features 3D graphics and easy controls promising a free-flowing fun experience filled with fast-paced action. The game is free-to-play with in-game purchases and a nice service in the game is that it offers weekly leagues where you can compete with others for prizes.

Looking more deeply into what the game offers we discovered that in BLEACH Brave Souls you have a choice to form a part with three characters, enabling you to form one super sugoi fighting team catered to your preference, hacking and slashing with the occasional bankai through a storyline exclusively crafted just for the BLEACH Brave Souls. There is a huge cast of characters, so you can have the ‘pick of the litter’, and within the game, your teams can even consist of a combination of characters you have never seen in the anime or manga. It offers unlimited possibilities. The game follows the story from when Ichigo and Rukia first met and is focused on character development. As you complete quests you learn more about each character.

The game seems to offer a lot and it seems worth a look into. We all wait with bated breath for the English release but for those of us that is well versed in Japanese and Kanji we can already get the game at the Google Play Store.

For more information, please visit the BLEACH Brave Souls official website by following this link:

Here are two video sneak peaks, the official trailer, and the opening movie, please follow the links and have a look:

Official Trailer:
Opening Movie:

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