Nami, the navigational genius of the Straw Hats

Charaben Nami Wedding Dress Edition

Nami – SCultures – Wedding Dress

To One Piece fanatiks, Nami, the beautiful ship navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates needs no introduction. She was the third member of the Straw Hat Pirates and the second to join, which happened during the Orange Town Arc. She later left and betrayed the Straw Hat Pirates, but was rescued when her true intentions came to light. She has quite a bounty on her head, she is worth 66,000,000 Beli.



SHe is smart, in fact, she is known as the third smartest character in the East Blue Region, which is a big help with her job as a navigator. She is also a very greedy girl; she will do anything for money except selling out her crewmates. The origin of her greed comes from growing up poor as an orphan living with a poor foster-mother.

She has a unique fighting style that focuses mainly on the manipulation of the weather of her surroundings, also known as the “Art of Weather”. If she combines this with her extensive knowledge of the oceanography and weather systems, it can make her a force to be reckoned with. She used a weapon called a Clima-Tact, initially it was just something created by crew member Usopp for party tricks but Nami found ways to better and better the weapon and it now is able of devastating powers such as destroying a submarine with her weather-based powers.

Nami has evolved a lot since we met her in 1999. We share a video with you on how she has evolved over the years. Please follow the link:

Name: Nami – SCultures – Wedding Dress
Release Date: 2015-08-20
Size: 200 mm
Material: PVC
Anime/Manga/Game: One Piece
Artist: Ishizaki Saori (Sculptor)
Manufacturer: Banpresto
Category: Anime PVC Figurines

Nami is dressed in a wedding dress and armed with her Clima-Tact in her right hand. She looks ready to send thunderbolts to anyone messing with her. Her facial expression is like a warning for us not to take her lightly.

Overall: A serious 7.5

Paint Job – 8
The paint job is not bad. They did a good job on the dress as well as on Nami.

Sculpting – 9
The sculpting is pretty good and the fine detail on the dress is admirably done.

Design – 8
The wind blowing her wedding dress in the air like Marilyn Monroe is a nice touch.



Display Worth – 5
The fact that there are not a lot of poses you can do with the figurine makes it suitable only for those specifically looking for this figurine.


While the figurine is nice it is not mind-blowing and really only caters for the collector that has something specific in mind. Most Nami fanatiks would skip this one over to buy one of her in a pirate uniform. None the less, it does look ‘elegant with attitude’.



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