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Bento Bites – Gundam The Origin & Terra Formars

Gundam and Terra Formars movies!

We share some exciting news for lovers of Science Fiction anime. Join us as we take a look at the latest Gundam and Terra Formars news. Hungry for anime? Itadakimasu!!

Mobile Suit Gundam 00

Mobile Suit Gundam 00

Gundam The Origin III Akatsuki no Houki (Revolt at Dawn)

It has been confirmed on the release day of ‘Artesia’s Sorrow’ that the third installment movie of the Gundam: The Origin series, Gundam The Origin III Akatsuki no Houki (Revolt at Dawn). The movie will be released in the anime spring season in 2016. This installment of the series will deal with the incident that triggered the start of Zeon’s war against the Federation.

AT this moment Gundam The Origin II Artesia’s Sorrow is screening for two weeks at 15 selected theaters across Japan. The Blu-ray edition of this movie is set to be released on November 7th and the regular DVD/Blu-ray on November 26th.

To give those who are not familiar with Gundam The Origin II Artesia’s Sorrow a taste of the anime we share a video of the first 8 minutes of the anime. Taste it with us by following this link: http://bit.ly/Gundam_The_Origin_II_8_Minute_Teaser

Terra Formars

Terra Formars

Terra Formars Live-Action

According to issue 49 of Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump The Terra Formars Live-Action is due to open on April 29th 2016 during Golden Week. Also in the issue, which will come out on Thursday, there will be interviews with the main cast members and director Takahashi Miike.

More exiting news is that the 50th issue of Shueisha’s Weekly Jump, available from November 12th will feature an ‘important announcement’ regarding Terra Formars. That sounds promising, maybe news about a second season? We hope so!!!!!

The live-action movie’s pre-production took two years and filming started this year in May. In August the filming moved to Iceland, making this the first time ever that a Japanese film was shot in Iceland. Production is set to wrap up in February 2016. Takashi Miike, director of live-action movies like Ichi the Killer and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney) and Screenplay writer Kazuki Nakashima (Gurren Lagann, Kill la Kill) just seems like an awesome combination for this long-awaited movie.

Terra Formars plays off in the year 2577, hundreds of years after well-intended scientists sent cockroaches to planet Mars to terraform it and make is suitable for human life. Manned ships land on Mars and to their shock they encounter large humanoid cockroaches with superhuman (or is that super cockroach?) strength that then wipe those men out. Then of course humanity sends warrior elites to wipe these cockroach creatures out.

Here is the Terra Formars Live-Action teaser trailer. To have a look please follow the link: http://bit.ly/Terra_Formars_Live-Action_Teaser