Charaben Akatsuki

1/7 Log Horizon: Akatsuki PVC by Aquamarine

In the anime Log Horizon, Akatsuki is one of the players trapped in the MMORPG Elder Tale. She is a Human Assassin-Tracker who joins Shiroe and Naotsugu, at the beginning of the show. She later becomes one of the founding members of Log Horizon. She was a member of the Watermaple Consulate Raid Party and of the Shibuya Raid Team.

When we meet her first in Log Horizon, she has a dilemma being trapped in her Avatar’s body, which is a tall male assassin. Shiroe helped her out with a rare potion and she returned to her kawaii and short self. With her petite body, her purple eyes and hair, she is the embodiment of kawaiiness. Akatsuki means ‘Dawn’ or ‘Daybreak’ in Japanese and her real world name is Shizuka Hanekura.




She has a strong sense of duty, sees herself as Shiroe’s personal ninja and addresses him as her ’Lord’. She is self-conscious about her small build as well as the fact that she looks younger than her age. She shines in battle, her real-life kendo training is reflected in the way she fights her enemies.

Name: 1/7 Log Horizon: Akatsuki PVC by Aquamarine
Release Date: December 2015
Size: 190 mm in height
Scale: 1/7
Material: ABS, PVC
Anime/Manga/Game: Log Horizon
Manufacturer: Aquamarine
Sculptor: Amasu (Ringo Renmei)
Category Anime PVC Figurines

Armed with two kurenai in one hand and a short sword in the other, Akatsuki looks guarded and ready to fight. Her long pony-tail twists around her making the figurine even more realistic. The figurine includes a stand.

Overall: An enchanting 8.75

Paint Job – 9
It is a beautiful paint job, especially the shading, lovely and detailed work.

Sculpting – 8
They did a nice job with the sculpting but her arms could have been done better.

Design – 9
The design definitely shows the Akatsuki we all love and cherish, maybe a different pose would have been better. We really like what they did with her face and hair.

Display Worth – 9
Definitely worth showing her off in a collection. The team working on her should be very proud.


Who would not want to be Akatsuki’s ‘lord’ and have her guard your stash of figurines? She will make a kawaii addition to any collection. It would however be super sugoi to have an Akatsuki in a better pose, but hey we are not complaining. So go ahead and become ‘Akatsuki’s lord’, she is worth it.

Never watched Log Horizon? Here is a trailer about the series. Please follow this link: http://bit.ly/Log_Horizon_Trailer