Ramen – A look at one of Japan’s greatest noodle dishes

We find out why Uzumaki Naruto is so crazy about Ramen

Tomorrow is Naruto’s birthday and as we all know the shinobi is passionate about his ramen. Can we forget the countless times Naruto sat with Sakura-chan or with a sensei at Ramen Ichiraku in the Hidden Leaf Village eating this cherished dish? Oh and don’t dare to forget the pork-cutlets, which, to Naruto, is an important part of the dish. Today we take a look at what ramen is.

Ramen is a very important noodle dish in Japan. It is a dish of boiled noodles served in different flavoured soup with many toppings. This dish varies from place to place. Differences can be tasted in broth, soup flavours, toppings even noodle texture and much more. It is not an easy dish to make from scratch, especially because the taste of Ramen mainly depends on the soup, which requires a certain amount of skill, and chefs train a long time to be perfect with this.

Each ramen shop has it’s own way to make soup and there are various techniques to do it. Chicken bone, pork bone, dried sardines (niboshi), and/or kombu are used to make soup stock. More ingredients that are added to the dish include vegetables, such as ginger, negi onion, and garlic, or mushrooms.

There are mainly four kinds of Ramen

SHOYU  – Soy sauce based (The most common). Specialty of Tokyo
MISO  – Miso Ramen (not necessarily Vegetarian). Specialty of Sapporo
SHIO  – Salt-flavored Ramen, made from a variety of dried seafood and seaweed. Specialty of Hakodate
TONKOTSUA  – Pork Bone based creamy soup. Specialty of Kurume

There are many other kinds of Ramen to experience, and to prove to you just how popular it is, here is a link to the Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum. (Yes, you are reading right, a museum): http://bit.ly/Shin-Yokohama_Ramen_Museum

Info on Ramen Ichiraku, the small restaurant where Naruto eats his ramen. Please follow the link: http://bit.ly/Ramen_Ichiraku

Here is more information on Ramen, please follow the link: http://bit.ly/Ramen_Information

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