HuniePop – dating sim with an entertaining twist

HuniePop will keep you playing for hours

So we decided to try out HuniePop. HuniePop is a visual novel puzzle dating sim with an erotic twist. It focuses on the player (player can choose his or her gender) interacting with several women, which includes a professor, flight attendant, college student, yoga instructor, hairdresser, porn star, cheerleader and a gamer girl. These ladies, have their own distinct personality and preferences, and if you are dedicated enough you can unlock extra characters as well.

The player can chat with them and ask them questions like favourite drink, hobbies and questions of a more personal intimate nature. The player also can give them gifts and treat the ladies to a snack (and trust us these ladies love their snacks). The player is then rewarded with ‘Hunie’, the in-game currency that the player can use to upgrade his stats. The stats allow you to earn more point during dates, making the chance to get the girl easier.

The dates are where the real fun in the game lies. Once the woman agrees to go on a date with you, you are somehow magically end up in a Bejeweled-clone tile matching game, you know, the type where you must match three different tiles or more. Enough points must be earned before you, the player run out of moves. What is more is that each woman has a specific type of tile that they like or dislike which can make the game challenging at times, but hit the right tiles and you gain a nice lil’ bonus in points. Special items, which can be earned, can be used called ‘date gifts’ which helps a player get more friendly with your date. If you win game the date is successful and you get rewarded with a rather alluring picture your date.

Warning, each date raises the HuniePop’s difficulty making it more challenging and thus even more addictive. Throughout HuniePop a love fairy guides you to become the best Casanova incarnate you can be, and as a bonus she is one of the extra characters you can unlock later in the game. Listen carefully, her tips are useful.

Important to mention is the saucy dialogue filled with profanities and often, degrading remarks (especially when you hit the wrong tile) so if that is not your preference you can either turn the voices down or maybe give the game a skip. The game has an age restriction of 16.

The game graphics are sugoi, the puzzles fun; the voice actresses really are brilliant in bringing the right atmosphere. A friend, we shall not name, played the game like a demon, and after playing, really haunted his girlfriend for a cuddle, so girls, this game might just inspire some heat in your relationship.


As huge fans of Visual Novels, we can attest that HuniePop is a refreshing take on a visual novel. It is fun and enjoyable but we would not recommend it if you have a problem with saucy language or themes of a sexual nature. If you have an open mind, it is worth playing and the mini-games are super sugoi.

Overall we give it a 7 out of 10.

Looking to pop the Hunie? Here is the link where you can obtain it:

Here is the HuniePop Trailer. The trailer has scenes that are not suitable for our younger fanatiks. Viewer discretion is advised. Please follow the link: