Manglobe's Samurai Champloo

Manglobe – the end of an era in anime history

Manglobe – a homage and an eulogy

All over the anime community there is a sense of sadness. A great anime house went bankrupt. They were responsible for outstanding anime series like Samurai Champloo, Ergo Proxy, The Sacred Blacksmith, Deadman Wonderland, The World God only Knows and more currently the super sugoi anime Gangsta.

Manglobe's Gangsta

Manglobe’s Gangsta

On the 29th of September Manglobe filed for bankruptcy and their website went off the net. It has been revealed that they have been in a state of insolvency for a while. A lot of staff and animators suddenly find themselves without a job now. Twitter was a blazed with animators asking for any employment out there or stating that they did not get paid this month.

The ripple effect of Manglobe’s demise already caused a delay in the theatrical release of the movie Genocidal Organ we all looked forward to. Genocidal Organ was to be part of a trilogy of movies based on the works of late novelist Keikaku Itoh. And for fans of the hit anime series Gangsta that just finished it’s first season run, the news is devastating because we all hoped for a season 2.

We all fondly remember the first time we saw Samurai Champloo. The artwork was just amazing and the Hip-Hop music quite unique to a samurai-themed anime. The animation blew our minds and we fell in love. The same with GangstaGangsta’s art style was very unique, watching it, we became addicts to the series, just wanting more and more. Manglobe had the unique talent to glue your eyelids to the screen and draw you into the world of the animation they created. Sadly, this homage to Manglobe is an eulogy. It is a sad moment in the anime community. Manglobe will be missed…

Manglobe's Deadman Wonderland

Manglobe’s Deadman Wonderland

In remembrance to Manglobe we share a few anime video trailers of some of the series they worked on. Please have a look by following the video links.

Deadman Wonderland
Ergo Proxy
Samurai Champloo