Capsule Hotel

Capsule Hotel or Sleeping in boxes

Capsule Hotels – Strange or Convenient

A few weeks back we looked at people sleeping in Net Cafes. This week we look at Capsule Hotels! It is an interesting option to think about when going to Japan as a tourist!

A Capsule Hotel features small, very small rooms that provide cheap overnight accommodation for those who do not require the services and benefits by the more conventional hotels. It is usually 2 x 2 meter.  It may have facilities inside like a television, electric console, wireless Internet connection and so forth.

These Capsule Hotel units are usually stacked side by side, two units top to bottom, with steps to the second level rooms. Luggage lockers are provided for luggage and privacy are ensured using a curtain or fiberglass door. Some Capsule Hotels also have saunas and or swimming pools. Other Capsule Hotels have restaurants or vending machines. Many Capsule Hotels are men only hotels catering for businessmen, other capsule hotels has women-only floors! Most however, aim for both male and female guests.

Some more interesting facts:
(1) A Capsule Hotel has shoe lockers where guests can leave their shoes; they then wear the hotel’s slippers.
(2) The hotels even supply a gown or robe and a guest’s clothes get stored in a locker.
(3) Most bathrooms in these Capsule Hotels are communal, so yes, strangers might be bathing in the same room as you, at the same time as you. Relax, these communal baths at Capsule Hotels are segregated by gender, so men are bathing with men and women bathe with women.
(4) The first Capsule Hotel to open was the Capsule Inn Osaka in 1979. It was designed by architect Kisho Kurokawa and was located in the Umeda district of Osaka.
(5) In 2012 China had its first Capsule Hotel in Xi’an and Singapore as hostel named ‘Woke Home’

For more interesting facts and information as well as photos about Capsule Hotels, follow this link: