Charaben Shiro

1/7 No Game No Life: Shiro PVC

Shiro is a gamer/hacker and member of the group Blank (her half-brother Sora is the other half of Blank). She is an 11-year-old NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training). She is the main female protagonist of No Game, No Life.

She is the calm and calculative one of the siblings and a genius in logic as well as solutions to problems, but she is bad at reading people’s emotions and behaviour depending on her brother to help her with that. She rarely shows emotion and always talks in short sentences and in the third-person perspective. Blank has a reputation of never losing in a game and she and her brother make a up a unbeatable force to be reckoned with.

With her dry humor and twisted sense of humor such as teasing her brother about his mild perverse tendencies she is fun to watch. She will crawl into your heart.

Name: 1/7 No Game No Life: Shiro PVC
Release Date: 01/2016
Size: 20 cm
Material: ABS and PVC
Scale: 1/7
Manufacturer: Phat!
Anime/Manga/Game: No Game No Life
Artists: Sculpting – Koudai Abe (Fenrir)
Color Planning: Maimocchi (Turunoyakata)
Category: Anime PVC Figurines

She looks as if she is in a game with the chessboard as base at her feet. I like the ‘game pieces’ – the chibi versions of Sora, Izuna, Jibril and Steph and the miniature Imanity throne. It oozes oodles of kawaiiness.

Overall: An endearing 8.75

Paint Job – 9

The Paint job is lovely, especially the hair. And the chessboard looks very nicely done as well. They really know their painting techniques.

Sculpting – 9

Very well done! It is fluid, kinetic and intricate. She looks alive as if she is just about to make a move on the chessboard. It reminds me of the chessboard episode a little.

Design – 8

Not bad, but knowing Shiro from the anime I feel there is something a little off, as if it did not capture her entirely. Still, not bad at all.

Display Worth – 9

This will look nice on a display and rearranging the chibi pieces will even be fun.


We were very happy to hear they made a figurine of Shiro, since we love the No Game, No Life anime. We must say that we were not disappointed at all and think it is a nice figurine of her, We hope there is a Sora and Tet version of this as well and thinking this will look super on the shelf.

Reviewer: Ookami