Death Note gets 2016 sequel

Yes, you read right. It was announced just after the end of the live-action TV series adaptation of the Death Note manga series that a new movie would hit the screens next year! This movie, thus far called ‘Death Note 2016’ is apparently a ‘forbidden sequel’ to the previous Death Note movies, Death Note (2006) and Death Note: The Last Name (2006). It will be shot not in Japan but overseas. Warner Brothers are apparently distributing the movie. Sato Shinsuke, the director that did the Gantz live-action movies is in the directorial chair for this project.

Those well versed in Death Note know that the anime is about a teenager named Light that finds a notebook that has the power to kill people by writing their names in it. As long as the writer knows how the person look and has the intended victims name, he can be killed. Light starts a crusade against criminals and of course the police starts looking for this vigilante that can kill a person without being near its victim.

The new movie however, will play off in the present day, where there are new characters that ‘inherited the DNA of Light Yagami and L’ and they will take part in a battle over six Death Notes on earth. Yes 6! You see in the original manga it was mentioned that up to six Death Notes and Shinigami can exists in our world, something not mentioned in the anime, live-action series, live-action movies and stage play! But now in the new movie this becomes an important part of the plot.

Certainly for those who love Death Note an interesting new adventure is waiting. To wet our appetites let’s look at the announcement that was made about the new Death Note project by following this link: