ALL OUT!! Rugby Manga to be anime in 2016

In South Africa and countries where rugby games are huge, this news will definitely make some anime fanatiks happy out there! It has been announced that an anime adaptation of Shiori Amase’s rugby anime ALL OUT!! is in the work for next year.

ALL OUT!! is a manga about Kenji Gion, a short high school student that on his first day at Kanagawa Prefectural High School happens to meet the tall Sumiaki Iwasshimizu during a rugby game. They become fast friends and soon join the schools rugby club. The manga deals with their story.

This upcoming anime might be a chance for some to get their grandfathers to watch anime with them. Now wouldn’t it be something if they had a match against the Bulls or Stormers in the anime? We would all get a kick out of that! ;)

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